Leo Weekly Horoscope From February 6 to 12, 2017

February 6 to 12, 2017 Leo Weekly Horoscope

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Work: Attract congruence to your life by opening the doors to improvisation. Today is the day to approach a new idea and start to move the business that generates success, abundance, material wealth and sustained development and above all, happiness and sincerity with itself. “Without the mirror of the future, the present will seem poor, miserable”. The planets are on their side circulating for a sufficient time a sky according to their current needs. Shady business will be options that will have to retire, this week can be tempted And have dangerous impulses … and you will have to put all your efforts to move from this situation.


Love: The discussions in the couple will be presented at once and without warning, to leave this anxiety should resort to a frank, sincere and free dialogue of their deepest and most true feelings, that there is no doubt of their real honesty, speak Open heart and show your interest in living better. To get out of these complications you should use humor and not try to convince the other. Meditate: What eternal promise must I make to achieve the energy of change?

Health: Feed gently to avoid digestive problems. Nowadays, it does not have a lot of creative vital energy, it is dedicated to organizing its legal affairs, in the workshop, or the office or work group to be well prepared when new competitive bursts appear to compete in life and to forge their dreams must To be in good physical condition Beware of what you consume in festivities and commemorations, events or night out, you need all your energy not only to live the holidays. Health often plays tricks on you and that is also due to your sudden mood swings, the body can not always Put up with their tantrums.