Leo Yearly Horoscope 2020 | uncommon willpower and strength of character

Leo Yearly Horoscope 2020 | uncommon willpower and strength of character

Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, you are under the sign of Leo.
Your master’s planet is the Sun, star of light.

At the heart of our planetary system, it is the one through whom strength is given to us, an indispensable element of our life.leo horoscope in 2020

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You show uncommon willpower and strength of character among the zodiac. In all circumstances, your power of persuasion is recognized and respected.

The balance of power is an integral part of your life and you play it with panache, your spirit of conquest does not suffer from any contradiction.

Ambitious, you put all your energy at the service of your success and do not impose any limit on your fighting spirit.

Like your animal symbol, you reign supreme.

Dreams of grandeur for a personality desperate to succeed.

You think you have managed a difficult but rewarding initiation, more reason to claim a better status. Be careful not to fall under the responsibilities.

And to better balance private life and professional life.

If you were less bossy, single Leo friends, you might have fewer setbacks.

It’s the saw-tooth year 2020 that will be announced and you will be the main responsible.

However, opportunities will be missed, especially during the first quarter, but your character will play dirty tricks.

You will have to wait until the summer of 2020 so that your loves take a more encouraging turn.

But you will have a hard time making something serious happen. On the other hand, couples already united will live a calm and serene year.

They will be able to implement projects that are important to them.

Leo, if your age allows you, it could even be a question of putting a baby on the road, just to consolidate your happiness.

Money and Luck
As of January, you will not waste your time!

It is beating as you attack 2020 from January 9, and with what success!

You are certainly motivated by a person who fascinates you, and whom you pose as a model.

Bet on the period from January 10 to 23, where your natural authority will do wonders.

On the 21st, you can only roll out the red carpet, access all your requests. Be bold! and trust your flair.

Before that, the year will have started more calmly, with ungrateful but necessary tasks of classification, organization, and planning.

On January 9, beware of banana peels: do not sign anything blindly, and beware of women!

If you follow your instinct in February, if you let your ideal guide you, you will be in the right direction!

It is also a month when the participation of others is decisive in one way or another: either you are inspired, or you abuse your credibility or deceive you.

This can generate a Kafkaesque climate in some cases. For others, collaborative work is a way to pursue an idea in which they believe.

The last week, Mars pushes you to work hard, to dispatch the tasks of stewardship, the organization of your work: you will be most effective in this sense, especially as Jupiter will add its charming note.

In March 2020, continue your organizational and administrative work the first week.

Between the 12th and the 28th, and especially around the 22nd of March, work hard on communication, exchange, travel and share your ideas: luck is with you and these could very well lead to an agreement a month later.

Despite a somewhat chaotic sea in April, you should manage to maneuver brilliantly.

The first week, especially, offers great prospects and brings you unexpected chances on a plateau.

You are inspired, intuitive and know how to adapt your attitude to your interlocutors, to guess them and anticipate the evolution of things.

However, beware of your impulsivity until the 17th, and especially around the 9th and 13th: it could lead you to the capital error.

Would one seek to abuse you? Possible. You will see more clearly from 27.

In May 2020, take advantage of the week of the 5th to the 12th, the most fruitful of the month, to do business, go on a trip, make an appointment, exhibit your work or express yourself in public. You will be beautiful on the 8th!

Then the augurs are less exciting.

You are braked in your action and less recognized by those around you than you would like.

But you will catch up well next month.

June will be a very nice month; you start on the road with this fruitful negotiation or promising meetings on the 1st.

Between the 12th and the 26th, you take the bull by the horns, multiplying the bold initiatives, engaging you in hard work, demanding an intensive effort: Mars increases your efficiency and your enthusiasm in the action is communicative!

From the 28th, the entry of Mercury into your sign makes you eloquent, brilliant and very lucid about the decisions to be made. A month without clouds …

Challenges arise to start this quarter. The first days of July, in particular, problems and questions arise, quite uncomfortable, and for which you feel the urgency of a decision.

In 2020, avoid as much as possible to be either at the origin or victim of misunderstandings and manipulations.

If the Plutonian questioning you are now familiar, the impromptu entry of Saturn into your sign from July 16, is an additional weight: you are perhaps between the tree and the bark, well obliged to spawn you a path.

The last ten days of July especially, at the time of your birthday, you feel the limits imposed on your expansion and your creativity: Pluto suddenly brings you back to earth, whether by rules, external laws, or personal failures.

In August, Jupiter watches over the success of your business all month long, giving Neptune’s ambiguous affect its most positive aspect, and perhaps completing a project set up between November and January.

Leo, however, from 16 and especially 20, you will not be at all as effective: the arrival of Mars in the decor perverts the Neptunian effect.

Leo friends, It is possible that a relationship deteriorates with a co-worker, or that you find yourself embroidered in an absurd, irrational, confusing situation.

Things are slightly better on the 30th, but the disorders that you will face may, however, give rise to twists for several months, open the eyes!

To conclude this quarter, some landmarks are cracking, disagreements, until then more or less masked, burst, rivalries are declared, the limits of your action and your influence are clarified.

In short, you feel it’s high time to make tough decisions. But for you, as long as it is still possible to decide, to take things in hand, nothing is ever lost!

Wait for the last ten days, where the tandem Sun/mercury encourages reflection and reasonable decisions, especially with loved ones.

In October, preferably before the 14th. The New Moon of 3 focuses on the steps, meetings, and proposals, and the 8th encourages any form of collaboration.

On the other hand, the niche of the 15th to the 22nd of October is not very favorable to your business: you make feet and maize for a poor result.

And from March 24, Mars returns in the footsteps of its passage from mid-August to early September: small or large tensions in perspective?

In November, you are rid of Saturn and a great weight at the same time. However, avoid the bouts of euphoria caused by Jupiter: they could be worth spending above your means!

In spite of a difficult context of external competition, you have the possibility of finding solutions than to deepen the ideas and the projects conceived: the result is for mid-December.

Dear Leo, the week of November 5th to 12th is ideal for managing a problem with a collaborator.

Between the 8th and the 14th, this same person will be of great help in easing conflicts and restoring calm in your workplace.

Between the 8th and the 20th, and especially around the 10th and 19th, Uranus could earn you an unexpected loan for a real estate purchase for example.

In December, the situation is unfolding somewhat the first ten days: the Sun that enhances your creativity also allows you to find common ground with your professional partners.

From the 13th, everything is complicated. Avoid risky investments, indiscriminate debt, sumptuary expenses. Jupiter keeps you in the eye.

If Mercury tries to maintain a fruitful communication between 21 and 28 December, you will still have to work hard, from the 27th, to keep calm in the rather Kafkaesque situation where you are.

The return to calm is expected only at the end of January. Patience by then: make yours the truce confectioners!

Take advantage of this positive energy that drives the first ten days of January to get you going and start the year in shape!

You will compensate for the possible inconvenience on 3-4 January. Between the 9 and the 17, and the adapted regime is essential, which will clean up your ground: it will need it on the 29 January.

In February, Jupiter protects you, but you are still more sensitive than usual: if you subject it, beware of allergic manifestations, microbial or viral infections and food poisoning.

Mars will be a dream month for a detox: fasting, diet, thalassotherapy, resumption of your sports training are enlightened initiatives to start the spring at your best!

In April 2020, you are always a little fragile and a little nervous at the same time, especially at the beginning of the month, then the last week.

Do not fuel conflicts or negative thoughts, which is not worth you!

On the contrary, express your resentment and seek to maintain contact with others, putting your pride aside, otherwise, beware of somatization.

In May, disagreements with others are not to put you well with yourself in the first two weeks. Try not to waste too much energy.

The last ten days will be more harmonious and Jupiter promises a clear improvement in your general condition. To conclude this quarter, you are at the height of your form.

Get involved in a sporting competition between the 12th and the 26th! Did you know that golf was a typical Leo sport?

A small drop in shape in July. Especially if you were born before the 26th, save your reserves at the end of the month. Beware of more fragile bones, teeth, and skin. Avoid dangerous sports.

In August, enjoy life until 16. You enjoy a perfect balance at all levels.

Small form in September, take your health seriously, avoid overwork and as much as possible, do not let your worries undermine: it will not lighten them and will not do you any good.

Leo friends, learn to relax, to relax; breathe, meditate, walk, dance, do sophrology exercises.

Anything as long as you fight against a tendency to harden, close, stiff, whether physical or mental.

In October, you start a gradual recovery. However, you are not yet on top of your physical resistance.

From 23, avoid excess and imprudence until the end of the year 2020.

In November, you are at the same time anxious, fragile and over-excited: the result can be explosive if you do not take your health and your well-being in hand. Do not neglect your possible vertigo at the beginning of the month.

To end the year, you will wear like a charm, radiate more than ever, especially after December 10. That concludes a golden year!

First Decan
In 2020, our Leo will still be frankly undisciplined. Some things must change, people who never stop getting drunk, freedoms that you would like to (re) take, independence to win back and/or a lot of impatience on your part in this year 2020 always a little rebellious.

It must move or it must stop … and you will not go four ways to sign it to right and rush things. It will work more or less … It will be rather “less” between the end of March and early July because you will probably face more protectionist wishes than yours. It may work a little too well from April 1 to 17, during October and November 11 to 20: we will be entitled to the most unpredictable and “free electron” version of our Leo (but the effects boomerang will not be excluded).

It will be much more fun in January: challenge, challenges … Audacity is a talent and you will surely miss it (thanks to the enthusiastic and energetic influence of this fiery Mars in Sagittarius). Not to mention the month of July that will also tell you “action! Mars in Aries will push you to move forward. Our Leo will be reckless without being.

Second Decan
Two trends to report for the year 2020 that you will probably find more to your taste. First, a state of mind between conqueror and enterprising: it will be exactly between mid-July and 10 August and again from mid-October to mid-December.

Thanks to the long intervention of Mars in Aries, you will have only one slogan: to go forward! And when action and passion, energy and fearlessness take over the life of our Leo, we can expect a fuss at home. You will then have the appearance of challenger: directive, effective and bold to make people blush.

You will feel full of audacity and always ready to make things happen. In parallel and between July and September, the constraints will annoy you, the marks of authority will easily bristle the hair and you will surely need to act more often as you wish. In short, and because of the furious incursion of Uranus in the 2nd decan of Taurus, you will have the easy claim and ostentatious indiscipline.

Third Decan
In 2020, we will insist especially on the 2nd semester, because to have the intrepid Mars in Aries in the pocket for three and a half months is a blessed bread (for a Leo). From August 6 to October 17, then again between December 13 and December 31, it will go quickly, you will take some risks, press the “action” button and take orders at the same time.

Entrepreneur, even conquering at your hours, you will not be impressed and never surprise by obstacles too low to stop you.

These periods will be very dynamic and should have served as a boost for a nice project. Commit yourself frankly and get straight to the point: that’s what you’ll also do very well thanks to this particularly beating Mars. Enjoy this superb emulation!