Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 5th March 2019

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 5th March 2019

A happy dream begins to become reality and what was once a fantasy of love, is touched with something serious. The important thing is that you analyze everything you do well and do not get carried away by first impressions but combine one thing with another, your intuition with your experience and of course, your common sense.

At this stage your friends will cooperate with you to help you see what actions to take to multiply your profits and make good investments.

There are surprises of all kinds within your sentimental life, Libra. This astral period indicates reconciliations and possibilities of weddings, unions and courtship. Your emotional horizon expands.
Phrase of the day: wise people never return insults with insults, who thus demonstrates ignorance.

Consider taking an outdoor physical activity after you finish your workday. Do something useful in the house and you will be giving a good escape valve to the excess of vital energy that surrounds you.

Get away from the complicated people around you at work because being frustrated with their personal lives can infect you with their negativism and cause you setbacks in your job.

Money and Luck
A very positive encounter will put you in the way of money. Use your intuitive energy to change past economic tactics and start new paths in your business, there is money in the making.

Libra Astrology Today 5th March
Love energy level on Tuesday: moderate to intense.
Cosmic dynamics that you must take advantage of: the energy of the Moon in your sign that activates your extrasensory faculties.
Today’s dangerous trend in your Libra sign: ignore your hunches.
What should I avoid ?: accept an idea without questioning it.

Libra Love Compatibility Today 5th March
The best relationship today: this Tuesday things will go very well for you if your partner is an air sign above all Libra and Aquarius.
The most tense relationship: there are not many tensions, if any, it would be within the Virgo or Capricorn sign.
Your current compatibility: compatibility is good on this day for Libra.
If you are single or single: your natural charm and discreet elegance will be the qualities that will bring the perfect partner for you.

By Mary Emma

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