Libra Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

You tend to be somewhat anxious which could cause communication problems between you and other people. On the sentimental level be cautious, do not say immediately the first thing that occurs to you. This Friday the balance, the balance, the harmony prevail. If you go over your meals or drinks remember to compensate them later with appropriate physical exercises and less fat-and-calorie-laden foods. Exciting exchanges with friends around a project. Wait until you have all the elements in hand to make a decision.

Apply your previous experience and knowledge to an unforeseen work situation in which you can demonstrate your ability. If there is instability around you, you must maintain your serenity, discipline and prudence so as not to harm yourself by echoing rumors. Children will be neither easy nor easy and will give you a lot of trouble. Try to direct them to a voluntary discipline.

The romance charisma surrounds you and today your personality impacts whoever gets in touch with you. Use your charms to attract to your side the person you are interested in and you will see how there is no wall that can resist you. You have the Moon on your side, Libra. This position of the Moon will have a very positive impact on your loves. You will indeed be much less demanding and intolerant, which will facilitate your life of couple. If you live alone, the Moon will cause a memorable encounter: for some time, indeed, you had set the bar so high that no one could meet your expectations!

You will find alternative solutions to old health problems. You are in the midst of a healing wave, but your action of will is indispensable to be able to take full advantage of it. The presence of Uranus in your Heaven will be particularly healthy in terms of health. All the natives of the sign will find possibilities of healing or will have an excellent tone. Yoga and thalassotherapy will work wonders. Take advantage of such favorable circumstances to try to lose those few pounds that you have in excess.

There are very good businesses in your work horizon, but before going to a different job, think twice about the step you are going to take. Make sure you are acting on firm foundations and not rely on fantasies or promises that are not serious because now you are approached by very exaggerated people.
You will lack neither dynamism nor ambition. But your enthusiasm may run into obstacles. In most cases, it will simply be a moody enough mood that will make you feel like you’re getting stuck for nothing alone in your corner.

Money and Luck
Astral aspects around you augur money in a few days, but now you may be somewhat financially tight. If so, do not think that this situation will be eternal. Soon you will come out very well from your most pressing economic problems. Mars and the Moon will be worth a bad surprise on the finance side. To prevent the situation from degenerating, try to tighten the purse strings: with these two planets temporarily hostile, it will be better to prevent than cure!

By Mary Emma

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