Libra Daily Horoscope Today Friday 4th December 2020

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Friday 4th December 2020

The Moon and Venus in transit this Friday combine wonderfully with the existing planetary sextile and the combination with Jupiter, in the earth element since Monday. All this astral set tends to make you very sensual, and flirtatious. Be careful if you are taking doubtful steps since they can be discovered so think very well before committing any slip, even if it is a slight flirtation since you can spoil a beautiful relationship if you allow yourself to be enveloped by the emotions of the moment and do not look a little more there. Certain escapist tendencies can lead to improvisation and result in hasty work.

Today you will think about the adventures of the past. You will be sentimental, reflecting on your student days and your friends. The planets will awaken feelings of nostalgia. You will find yourself missing the days gone by. You will even want to see some old photos. Or you’ll call some old buddy. If both have lost contact, it will be fun to meet again.libra daily horoscope 4th december 2020

Today Friday that you have the dynamic energy of your ruler, Venus, in transit through the earth element, and at 60 degrees from the Moon, your romantic outlook is on the rise, Libra. Follow your intuition and do not allow anything or anyone to make you make a decision with which you do not agree. If you feel attracted to a particular person, do not miss the opportunity to be happy by listening to other people’s suggestions. The quiet atmosphere for couples, where you will live on your achievements, to the rhythm of your work and your family obligations. If you find your life as a couple too purring, it will be up to you to liven it up by involving your spouse in sports or leisure activities. Single, you will find yourself faced with a classic dilemma of knowing what exactly you want. The head and the heart, the reason, and the feelings: the choice will not be easy to make!

Everything financial will be accentuated today. If you’ve been thinking about buying a house or making some other important investment, today everything indicates that you should go ahead and sign on the dotted line. Even if your mind tells you that investing is not wise, you should listen to what your heart tells you. There are times when the correct advice comes from your instincts.

When fate rings at his door, don’t be afraid to give him your code. Of course, we are not asking you to set your sights on the first comer. Avoid offering double the bunch of keys to your feelings. But sometimes, the chance really seems to work when you least expect it. The coming of the Sun in your sign announces changes. The planet will endow you with the necessary strength so that the heart of this newcomer to the building will beat only for you.

The effort put into your personal improvement, the changes introduced to your lifestyle and diet in general now materialize, and when the year ends you will be in the best shape to look forward to 2021. The Sun is a principle of vitality and dynamism, you will gain a good basic resistance, both physical and psychic. If you regularly suffer from a certain disease, take advantage of this favorable day to try a new treatment or to be followed by a new therapist; you will undoubtedly find better-adapted treatment methods which you can congratulate yourself on.

This is a great day to interact socially. The day brings light and warm energy. Consider organizing an informal gathering with friends. It would be a very good idea to invite people from your environment who do not know each other yet. You will feel good doing presentations and even playing Celestina! Enjoy the day!

Thank Neptune for giving the natives of your sign excellent immune defenses today. An ocean of sick people surround you: all around you, coughs, sneezes, all kinds of ailments are legion. It looks like you are falling through the cracks of microbes and bacteria right now and so much the better! On the other hand, the resistance of your body does not exempt from some elementary preventive measures given the risky circumstances: a course of propolis and absolutely no excess.

Don’t be afraid to give an explanation or make a job presentation. Your intuition, your work experience, as well as your great social touch will indicate the right time to speak. Take advantage of the opportunities that will surely arise on a professional level. They will allow some of you to orient your careers in a direction better suited to your abilities.

You are good at working on multiple tasks or projects at the same time. You tend to multitask. But at this point, you might want to focus on just one. A situation in your workplace may require your full attention. You may discover that a project is beginning to get complicated. You may wish to set aside additional time to address this particular concern.

Money and Luck
If you need money to invest in a certain business and the banks don’t want to help you, go to your friends and you will get the money you need. These last days of December will be a kind of engine that will catapult you to economic success whose fruits you will reap in the first days of 2021. Libra Luck Today

Some bad news about money will make you nervous today. Perhaps a check you’ve been waiting for doesn’t arrive on time, or perhaps the bank has made a computational error regarding your account. It is nothing that cannot be solved, although it will be tedious to make all those phone calls. The main thing is that everything will work out for you. It is only a temporary inconvenience. Today you will experience a very pronounced taste for luxurious objects and pleasures. Do not deprive yourself of anything until it is likely to cause you financial problems. Notice that “pleasure is not evil in itself, but some pleasures bring more pain than pleasure”

On the work side, the stars are with you! Under the watchful eye of Neptune, you will seek to achieve perfection. And that’s good news: whatever you do will be successful! Today will be an opportunity for you to seize new opportunities. Go all out to land that long-awaited promotion or that new job. As a result of your efforts, a well-deserved reward will await you! Don’t let this chance pass by you will only feel better for having tried everything!

Family and Friends
You have understood that communication is the glue of a home. With your spouse, you always manage to find a solution to your family’s problems. You take great pleasure in discussing all aspects of your married life and that of your children. You’re not afraid to tackle important issues head-on, caring about the other’s opinion.

So you find solutions that look like you both to make your children happier and more fulfilled. Under the influence of Pluto, relationships with your brothers and sisters may momentarily take on more importance. Take advantage of this favorable situation to try to resolve any problems that have remained unresolved with them, or, if you are angry, to attempt a reconciliation which, in the end, will benefit everyone.

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