Libra Daily Horoscope Today Friday 9th August 2019

Continue the good planetary effluvium of your ruler, the planet Venus, which is making astral aspects highly favorable for you on this Friday and the rest of the weekend as it moves through your Libra sign. In love, there are surprises, by the way, very pleasant because you will discover something fascinating in your partner that will cause you great joy and inspiration in your sentimental life and you will receive news of someone absent.

There is an intense love tone in your horoscope that is nuanced by the action of your direct regent and places you on a dominant plane in relation to your partner. Do not exaggerate or abuse that position.

Where you least expect love, romance, and adventure. Something nice awaits you this weekend and although you are far from the person who inspires you will not feel alone or alone but rather full of a very beautiful and vital inner energy.

If you are in a gym, do not overdo it. The planetary tendency that surrounds you forces you to want to achieve more than expected and in matters of physical resistance could harm you if you do not do everything gradually and much more carefully.

Do not continue postponing those domestic works that you have been doing for months. Take advantage of this weekend that you now have in front of you to fix and repair your house as well as to put the order in your efforts.

Money and Luck
During this period you are too confident and usually commit recklessness in your business. Do not be guided by the advice of very ambitious and greedy people because you could lose money and position.


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