Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th November 2018

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th November 2018

It’s time to think about a meeting of friends in the house during this Monday and spend it with people who are to your liking. Nothing notable in the family sector of your theme. Things will follow their normal course, and your family relationships will be pretty easy. But you may have a hard time withstanding the little domestic hassles!

Keep your eyes and ears wide open as there will be opportunities for successful purchases and sales and also a trip that is in the making which will crystallize at the least expected time. Things look good, Libra. You will feel well disposed toward everyone, and will be able to help a loved one in difficulty who will appreciate it to its proper measure. Gift or good advice will follow. The more you encourage those who can help you, the better the results!

We are under the effects of a planetary trigon. Things do not always come out according to our desires, and in love this is quite common. If you have put your eyes on someone wrong you will know at the time, but in the meantime enjoy what you have now and enjoy life. Everything will not go perfectly in the love field. The planet Uranus will confuse things a little bit. It will be necessary to be wary of meetings valid in appearance but unreliable in the long term. For natives living in couples, there will be, on this day, tendency to transient infidelity, seductive temptations full of seduction, attraction to a person already engaged elsewhere. Difficulty in harmonizing sentimental tenderness and physical desire.

With perseverance and dedication you will be able to overcome those bad health habits that surround you and if you insist you will recover your ideal weight and again you will be in the best physical conditions to face any challenge in your daily life. Venus will advise you to heal your body more. If you want to keep the line, be more reluctant about stews and casseroles. Why not do a cure of fresh vegetables and yogurts? That would do you the greatest good.

Do not be alarmed by rumors or get carried away by the negative currents of those who are always creating conflicts at work because you could be subject to manipulation by them and be used by very dangerous people. You will give a solid foundation to your professional situation, thanks to the positive influence of the Sun. If you have to make a quick decision, you will be in the best position today.

Money and Luck
Wait a bit and do not rush to put your money in a little serious business. There are people around you interested in your credit and property, take care of them and do not do anything irresponsible. Consult with lawyers and notaries if necessary. Beware of risky financial operations! On the other hand, if you are well advised by specialists, you will be able to realize an excellent deal.

By Mary Emma

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