Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 16th July 2018

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 16th July 2018

The circumstances around you are changing, Libra. Do not get impatient if there are emotional situations that disconcert you because even if it seems difficult to you, you are closer to love in these moments than in days gone by.

The planetary force of your regent Venus will put you in touch with who will help you get out of a certain emotional problem. You will be able to finish the tasks that are waiting for you on Monday and you will even be able to take a short break despite the workload that surrounds you.libra daily horoscope monday 16th july 2018

There is good news on the sentimental level, Libra. You will not cease to be amazed by the different declarations, sentimental confessions and emotional surprises that are spinning around you right now.

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With the strength of your will you will take forward those health projects that you have proposed, but for one reason or another, you have been relegating to the background without prioritizing what is truly important. You will know what to do and how.

Put your initiative to work, what you found more difficult and complicated will be solved admirably in a few days. At the beginning of next August, you will feel recognized by an effort of the past.

Money and Luck
When they propose a certain contract that does not cause you an adequate impression and inspires you with distrust, obeys your Libra intuitions. Check all the fine print and do not sign yet, if you are not sure until you have consulted with expert people.