Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 19th February 2018

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 19th February 2018

Say what you feel, express your feelings, your doubts and your worries, Libra. Do it tactfully because now that Jupiter is retrograde in your sign, you could commit recklessness.

Happily, the influence of your regent, Venus, is propitious to help you better organize your thoughts and channel your intuitions. This Monday will be a time of internal re-evaluation.libra daily horoscope monday 19th february 2018

It is time to make resolutions to carry them out from now on in this new stage of your life.

You will feel with a growing desire to resume a relationship that has been half cold or establish a serious commitment to who really interests you. In any case, it is time for action and reaction.

The astral aspects that surround your horoscope are favorable for you because today, Monday, you will be receiving a direct action that is ideal for operations and intense treatments, recovery of ailments and an increase of your vitality.

Attention, Libra. The jobs related to the business of buying and selling abroad, tourism and everything related to exchanges of that kind are at a happy time and if your job is related to that sector you will have a good day, very successful.

Money and Luck
The secret of your prosperity lies in your aggressive, but intelligent, the way of promoting yourself and publicizing yourself and in the way, you follow your premonitions.

Now, with the beginning of the Pisces sign, you will feel very intuitive, and that will help you a lot, Libra.

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