Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st March 2021

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st March 2021

You are starting a revitalizing cycle in your life by starting the month of the equinox today Monday. You are inspired by the transit of Venus, your ruler, to the fire element that imparts that enthusiastic and intense tone that those who know you love so much. Each encounter is different, and everything is new, it changes, it is transformed. Always remember that intelligent people think and then speak. You belong to that special group, Libra, so today control your language because we rarely have to regret what we keep silent, we can fix it, but what we said or wrote is already there, and many times forever, in such a way strong that inspires fear.

Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard you try, you can’t get people to listen to your point of view. Today there will be a nice change from the daily routine, as friends and colleagues will begin to value your opinion. People will begin to notice that your reviews are very well thought out and researched. This will get more people to pay serious attention to your feedback in the future, which will be great!libra daily horoscope 1st march 2021

The astral combinations of your ruler Venus with the Moon and Mars create a platform for love that will be the first to amaze you. If you have a partner, don’t worry, everything is going as it should. As of today with the beginning of the month of the equinox, your sentimental interests are consolidated and are more solid in everything, every day more.

The positive influences of Venus on your sign leave no native behind. In a Relationship, you feel in perfect harmony with your spouse. The discussions are lively and friendly. You know why you are with him: he is your soul mate. Your life together is enjoyable. If you are single, you don’t have to worry today. You understand that true love is not found in moments and that you need some single in your romantic relationships.

Today the family sensations will be up to date. But come on, no sadness! The time is rather to remember the beautiful things. Remember that the concept of family is very broad and do not limit it to those who carry your same blood. Friends, good guys, are so important. Cultivate love today and you will see that you will get gratification. Don’t be afraid to love because you are afraid to suffer. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Be prudent, avoid excesses that do not go with the nature of your balanced Libra sign. Your health requires attention, but most of all, a proper regimen that you must follow daily.

Today you need to be careful and mindful of your surroundings. You are likely to fall while cycling to work, cut yourself or burn yourself while cooking. Limit your movements as much as possible. If you are going out, put on a small scarf. It will not be too much to avoid colds, bronchitis, and other tonsillitis that have been lying around for a few days. You will know how to find the inner strength that has always been dormant within you.

You will have to harden your posture, to be able to face the energy of the day. People may say what they think, without fear of hurting you, just so they can speak their truths. Feel free to do the same. Saying what you think is better than letting things wither inside. In your emotions, you have a fighting quality ready to fight.

If you don’t have a job and they propose something you didn’t think of, don’t reject it right away without analyzing it well. Study this possibility of employment because one should never close the doors when it comes to working issues, and you know that from your own experience.

You are susceptible to criticism, and today you will need to protect yourself a little. At work, there will be some disagreements, and it will be easy to get caught in the crossfire. You don’t have to get involved if you can stay out of it. Try to stay out of the battlefield and stay positive. With a little effort, you can stay calm and focused.

Money and Luck
The month of the equinox that is starting today Monday will put you in front of new situations and circumstances that you must attend to. A friend will visit you and bring fresh ideas that can have practical application and give you money. Libra Luck Today

Will you be sad because of financial concerns that could well be unfounded? Was the money you expected late? Are you afraid that a certain necessary purchase is out of your reach? Don’t increase things out of proportion. It’s probably nothing you can’t handle with a little effort. Instead of obsessing over the situation, try to see it objectively. You will probably realize that not everything is as black as it seems.

On the work side, ambition and willpower will govern your day. Able to handle any unforeseen event, you will flourish even more if you are challenged or asked regularly. If no one comes knocking on your door, do not hesitate to take the lead by offering them your help: your colleagues will thank you for it and you will have the delicious impression of being indispensable. Be careful, however, not to encroach on another’s territory, this could backfire on you.

Family and Friends
Your dearest desire remains to escape this looming family reunion! Endless meals where the loud voices overwhelm you. However, in your in-laws, arguments are commonplace. This time it is enough: you are planning to fail your spouse. Explain your apprehension to him calmly. What if you two got away from stepmom and the cantankerous old uncle? Suggest that she skip her turn this time and why not treat you to a romantic weekend instead.

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