Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th January 2019

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th January 2019

You are in a cycle of creativity that you must take advantage of to improve your health and your life, in the physical, mental and economic order. There are things that impact you negatively, but you can overcome them with your determined attitude.

A person who has not seen for a while and returns now to your life will drive you crazy. It opens a door that was closed especially for those seeking employment or economic improvement. A warning: do not get carried away by emotions when it comes to saying “yes” or “no”, reflects, Libra.libra daily horoscope today monday 7th january 2019

Listen to your intuition and you will be in the right place, on the occasion also indicated. Your personality is wrapped with an attractive aura that will help you recover what was in danger. The entrance of the Moon in your sign envelops your aura with a magnetic field full of attraction and sensual strength.

You find that your entourage lacks motivation to share good moments with you. Even those who decide to spend the day with you are not very communicative.

As a couple: The conjugal constraints sometimes give you the impression of being prisoner of a situation that does not suit you at all. But this is just a bad luck and you will quickly realize that all this is due to a period of boredom that will last another day or two.

Single: Do not expect strangers to be enterprising. If you hope to meet a person you like, it will be up to you to tactfully approach it even if it’s not your habit. If you are too direct it will be a fiasco.

Problems arise if you consume medicines following the advice of people who are not doctors and do not have the authority to do so. Many physical problems have their cause in an inadequate health regime and in false recommendations.

Put aside first impressions and appearances and do not predispose yourself to a new boss or manager in your company. You will see how in a short time both will become good friends and your labor relationship will be promising.

Money and Luck
In this planetary cycle, keep a strict control on your expenses so as not to exceed or entangle yourself in debt. Apply your sense of saving and you will see how the money appears in record time. Do not rely on chance to solve your problems.

A certain lack of balance does not make it easy for you to continue negotiations in progress. You will do well to pause in this direction because it is your energy background that needs to be consolidated to better understand your actions to lead.

The fact of having accepted a new agreement or having an important appointment in the days to come, requires you to work this day. If you give up your free time, do not overdo it, try to blow a little.

By Mary Emma

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