Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th May 2018

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th May 2018

Now that the Moon is in your Libra sign you find yourself wrapped in an attractive wave and your words are right. However, a discussion with your partner may arise because of jealousy and certain attitudes of yours isolated in the evening hours.

Do not insist, try to put things in their place, do not exaggerate so as not to complicate matters further. If you are going out, forget the regrets. No depression Remember that one attracts what you are looking for and if you wrap yourself with nostalgia that is what you will bring to your life.libra daily horoscope monday 7th may 2018

This is the cycle of rectifications of mistakes made and with that fresh attitude, your sense of diplomacy and balance will be able to be back in that position that you should never have left, but now you recognize.

Your health receives a good cosmic vibration and inspires you to continue your exercise and feeding plans that you are carrying. Do not be discouraged if there is some kind of relapse, you will succeed in overcoming it successfully because your energy is well oriented now.

In this astral cycle, you are favored in the work aspect although some unexpected setbacks are apparently occurring. Do not worry because what happens is appropriate and that position of work so expected by you is about to be in your hands.

Money and Luck
Your sign will place you in front of a job option that in turn will give you money within a short time. A friend could help you in that regard. Listen to their advice and recommendations and maybe you’ll even be able to associate with them and win in that activity.

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