Libra Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 13th October 2018

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 13th October 2018

Try to get along better with your co-workers and take advantage of this birthday cycle to explore and analyze the way you are conducting your personal relationships. If you have had problems, maybe the cause is inside you, not in others. Your current attack plan may suffer some setback today. It may be caused by an internal need that you had not recognized before. The problem is that your head can say one thing while your spirit tells you another; maybe you should leave everything in suspense while you solve your internal conflict. There is a lot of compassion in the air.

If you are thinking about a purchase or sale of a house, land or an important property this will be a period with many possibilities of offers and demands which you should consider with much judgment before making a final decision. In love you will receive news that will make your birthday very happy.

Everything is presented in an appropriate way within your sentimental context and with your initiative, smile and elegance you will melt the hardest hearts. Today you will live, even for a brief moment, the purest and most intense manifestation of spiritual love. It could be towards a friend, son, partner or all the living beings of the planet. Your artistic spirit will also emerge today. If you have been thinking of giving a gift to someone, this is the ideal time. Everything points favorably to other artistic projects. Get down to work and have fun!

This is an ideal time for any type of operation, entering a hospital or submitting to a treatment that has to do with major surgeries. You are vibrating in a positive cycle of very marked cell regeneration. At meal times you should carefully examine what you eat. Instead of concentrating on the immediate pleasure that food provokes when coming into contact with your taste buds, worry about your stomach and how it will feel when all that food comes to you. The energy that you will feel afterwards will be very durable.

You will be very busy not only with your usual job but with a lot of housework and you will have to do many things at home. Do not get impatient, get organized as you know, use your sense of discipline and you will see. It’s time to think about some kind of evolution in your career, if you have not done something. No more excuses. It would be great if you took advantage of your university studies, which cost so much effort, or everything that cost you to prepare for the job market. The ideal job is out there waiting for you, all you have to do is know how to search. Be very attentive, because the opportunity may be knocking on your door.

Money and Luck
Separate a quantity of money for a good purchase that you are about to make in these next days. Your economic life is in a cycle of growth, associated with business trips and a temporary transfer of employment, Libra. You are usually a very practical and realistic person, but today you will find yourself more inclined than normal towards the mystical. The spiritual themes attract you extremely, and you will find yourself gravitating in the bookstores of metaphysical themes, or looking for a conversation with people well versed in these topics. You will also see that your imagination works overtime. Let your imagination fly. We all need an escape once in a while!

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