Libra Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 16th January 2021

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 16th January 2021

Mercury, the planet of communications, is moving into a sign of your element, air. If you declared your love to a person who is now far from you, do not be discouraged or discouraged because this is part of the healing process of your love life and in a short time you will be more certain if you really loved her, or it was an illusion. The key to a good working relationship is cooperation and cordiality. If a coworker stays away from you, he tries to approach you in a friendly way and smooth things over. It is not healthy to have enemies at your job.

Today you will be surprised by the call of a person from afar with whom you have not communicated for a long time. Her call has made you so happy that you will spend a long time talking to her. You have a few errands to run but bad weather will keep you home. Do not worry! You will have time to take care of the most urgent matters. Your artistic level is very high today. Get creative!libra daily horoscope 16th january 2021

If you give free rein to your emotions, you will break a wonderful relationship, and then you will regret it asking for excuses, apologies, forgiveness, and many similar things. Today you are somewhat insecure so do not make final decisions. It is a day of emotional surprises with the transit of Mercury and Venus recently begun.

Do you know that compassion is the key element of most of the great religions of the world? Even if you are not a religious person, take this concept, and develop your love for others. You will be surprised how good doing good to others will do you. There is so much to do! Do not think that to be able to act you need money or a lot of time available. Remember that the man who moved the mountain began by transporting the small stones.

A native of the 1st decan, you live thanks to the influence of Pluto, a relationship essentially characterized by complicity. With the blink of an eye, you make the other understand your desires, your intellectual communion speaks for itself. Those close to you may take offense at this exclusive, sometimes excluding, relationship. Single, you have decided to go on the attack and increase your chances of meeting people. The arrival of a Leo in your workplace could disturb your peaceful existence.

Good time for some type of operation that requires hospital admission. If you have been postponing a treatment, do it today because your regenerative and healing level is on the rise and thus you can recover more quickly.

Will you be in a good mood today? You have a great deal of creative energy and are more than capable of using it practically. Enjoy the day doing exactly what you feel like doing. The concessions you can make today will only frustrate you in the long run. Dedicate yourself to what you like and take advantage of the day to solve certain pending personal issues.

As far as your state of health is concerned, it will be improved for the better thanks to a few simple changes in your interior. If you have to buy bulbs soon, you will be doing yourself a favor by choosing the low-consumption models that will be less aggressive on your eyes. Adding one or two houseplants to brighten up a room in your home will give you regularly renewed (thanks to photosynthesis) and moist air that will serve as a real aphrodisiac for your skin.

Someone in your work always lives thinking about conspiracies, conspiracies, hidden enemies, and will come to your side to convey their fears and insecurities. Do not listen to it as it would take away energy and sleep causing you to worry.

Surely today you will not waste your time with frivolous efforts? Your attention is on the clock and you can hear it ringing behind your head. Nothing will escape your critical eye and you will maintain a highly professional and efficient level of action in everything you do. Use this day to tackle projects that require hard analysis and careful, conscious vision.

Money and Luck
A person from a foreign country who has business in them will give you good news and you will be able to carry out management that will give a positive result. Very good Saturday for your job prospects if you work in the tourism or public service sector. Libra Luck Today

Plan your actions carefully today, and be patient with people. If you work in a group, make sure that others are aligned with your goals and objectives and that they do not go against your purposes. It may be that someone’s reaction is due to misinformation, causing you internal conflict. Before you go out, take an introspective exam.

After months of waiting, long hours of anguish, endless seconds of stress, this promotion is reaching out to you. The influence of the Sun has worked in your favor. Organized, rigorous, you know how to anticipate requests and ensure profitability. You always have the little word to comfort or soothe conflict situations. In short, your boss couldn’t have made a better choice in offering you this reward. Congratulations, keep up the momentum!

Family and Friends
This new day will be placed under the sign of generosity and sharing. Now is the time for you to try to convert your most reluctant ideas into your surroundings. You could also be invited to a family reunion which would be an opportunity for you to be able to reconnect with someone who had moved away and whom you will be delighted to find. The natives of the second decan, who see the emergence of the influence of Pluto, could however suffer a setback that they would not have suspected.

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