Libra Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 23rd October 2021

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 23rd October 2021

Check Libra daily horoscope for Saturday, October 23rd, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. You can be a self-taught person and for this, you will have every opportunity to exert the best of yourself, although you do not have a clear mind about what refers to knowledge, then take the task of investigating what is most compatible with you. The regency of the crescent moon speaks of this, which puts everything in your favor to strengthen your mind.

Do not rule out possibilities of life changes, because that is why you exert steps on this planet, chances are always important and appear in one way or another without the need to force anything. Mercury is one of the planets that par excellence makes its energy move people, for better or for worse, it takes the best of its rulership.libra daily horoscope for today saturday 23rd october, 2021

Now it is Capricorn in transit to Aquarius who will open the energy so that you do not allow anyone to cross your good path. Defending yourself from those who have been abusive is valid, but remember that to the extent that you speak or exercise your actions, it will be how it will return in bonanzas or not for you.

An old cycle is closing and one full of adventure, emotions and new experiences is opening. You may meet interesting people; you want to live a time of expansion, intense experiences, and many changes. You may want to join a group focused on your interests.

This Saturday, October 23rd, circumstances prove you are right, your optimism and your daring are opening doors for you. Great opportunities are on the agenda. Your reasoning is good and meaningful, give yourself time to recover emotionally. Rest, calm, and relaxation with the family are on the program.

You needed it! This will allow you to release the pressure, have a good time and do yourself good. So, enjoy the present with confidence and without feeling guilty. Your sky is revealed and enchants you. You are clear on what moves you and what makes your heartbeat. Single or in couple, a beautiful day is ahead. Opportunities are emerging to take you to heights of pleasure. All this is famous!

It is Venus in trine with Saturn so that the paths of love are opened without being corny, you suddenly have a series of ideas that are not clear, referring to the sphere of the couple, so you would have to be more cautious to be successful with it. meeting your soulmate.

Today you will feel that your creativity is energized. If you have children, this is a good day to help them with that school project. You’ll find a way to rebuild 18th century England with toothpicks and coffee filters. Your creative talents will come in handy elsewhere, too, so save something for the bedroom. Your partner will appreciate your naivety as much as the children.

Venus does not seem to align with your daily life. To find love, you force yourself to go out and party a lot. What if these activities don’t suit you in the least? You don’t have to look trendy to be attractive. Listen to yourself more and the planets will know how to reward you. For natives as a couple, you will want freedom. Go ahead, if you are not afraid of jeopardizing your love and causing harm to your partner. Otherwise, you risk paying dearly for your adventure.

Now better than ever you could take a good flower bath, to find the necessary relaxation that exercises physical, energetic, and emotional health in you. After that, with a high probability, you would have some related activities so that you give yourself the chance to suddenly give yourself five minutes and feel comfortable away from stress.

Today you will find yourself buried in your basement or attic. You will be in the mood to organize things in your house and put them in order. You will buy a new closet to store all your papers. Or you will decide to get rid of all those things that you no longer use. Pack up old clothes and newspapers and recycle them. You need to lighten your load and revitalize your space.

More than brutal, the fall of the peak from the top of the mountain could have become fatal. This episode threw your fragile moral balance overboard. Fortunately, as the leader of the sign, Jupiter rules your sky. In fact, from now on, the planet is sending you a lifeline. As you climb onto the ship, you must take the reins of your rebirth into your own hands. Now that the iceberg is receding, hold on tight to that second chance life has to offer.

Money and Luck
One is found as the magic number of the day and attracts a new economic stage for you, start by saving a little money and making it grow, for this you would have to follow the suggestion of the day that will keep your economy current.

An invitation to a social event is on the way, but it’s something you don’t feel like going to. Since these are people with whom you have nothing in common, the idea will seem boring. It would be good if you reconsider your attendance for business reasons. Ask yourself first: how urgent is the business? How important are these contacts to you? Think carefully before accepting or declining the invitation.

This day is undoubtedly devoted to obtaining financing, flushing out promising markets, or making dividends grow. Heaven inspires you with some bright ideas and encourages you to take bold initiatives in this area. On the side of your work, organizational changes will be fruitful today, your mind turns to beneficial simplifications. Unexpected assistance comes to you and facilitates the realization of your collective professional projects. What could be better!

You will value the time and patience that others do so that as a team they can get ahead. That nobility is characteristic of you, but above all because of the regency of the transit of signs, which exerts tranquility in your work environment, making everything you do constantly worthwhile.

Newspapers, books, and television will bring a lot of useful and exciting information your way. This will put your mind in a certain direction to get new ideas for projects and/or business opportunities. Discussions with people who share your interests will contribute even more. Expect to have an exciting day and by the end, you will surely have opened new doors for yourself.

Today you will feel in vain. A win at a game or an unexpected cash flow could occur. Try your luck, the heavens are with you thanks to the benevolence of Venus who settles in house III. You will benefit from this beneficial astral climate throughout the day and will feel fully recognized by those around you. You could try negotiating a raise and asserting your ambitions in a project that is close to your heart.

Family and Friends
Thanks to the position of Mercury and Venus, this day promises to be exceptional on a personal level. You are not immune to reconnecting with a loved one you have not seen for a very long time or receiving news from a member of your family whose estrangement weighed on you morally. If you want to bring up a touchy subject with a friend and are afraid of their reaction, take advantage of heaven’s leniency towards you to clearly express your thoughts. You should find a reassuring ear who can advise you.

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