Libra Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 27th July 2019

This is the time of economic movements and unexpected income, but it is important that you do not confuse an optimistic and positive attitude with unreality. During this eclipse period, you are somewhat hasty wanting immediate answers to your innuendo or love claims and that could go against you.

Don’t regret it anymore because life gives you a pleasant sentimental surprise. The influence of the direct Venus planet compensates for Mercury’s retrograde action and makes you feel very good in everything you do.

If you are in the middle of a difficult love situation, don’t get too excited and try to resolve your issues in a direct way by talking with the person you are interested in. Remember that now you tend to worry excessively, free.

If you have suffered a burn, skin lesion or similar problem, or suffer from skin conditions, you are receiving a good revitalizing cosmic effluvium. You are in a good astrological cycle for the reactivation of diseased tissues.

Accept reality, repair mistakes and move on to the future. Reflect on the difficult situations presented in your company in recent days and ask yourself honestly to what extent you are exaggerating or being objective in everything.

Money and Luck
You may be about to receive good news associated with pending legal litigation or a favorable decision in the courts of justice. There are family and social interests going around that can represent money.


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