Libra Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 3rd August 2019

If you are now facing an unexpected sentimental situation, act with tolerance, prudence and a lot of mental flexibility. The planetary changes that are vibrating in your horoscope augur variety, excitement and fun this weekend. Your health receives a good cosmic vibration and inspires you to continue your exercise and eating plans that you are carrying.

In this astral cycle that you are going through this Saturday with the direct transit of your regent Venus you are favored in the labor aspect although apparently, some unexpected setbacks are happening. In love, your time has come, so go ahead.

Go preparing your bags and put an order in your affairs so you can better enjoy what life has prepared for you these days. If you had assumed a cold or distant attitude towards someone who loves you, you are still in time to transform it into something positive and warm.

Combine your diet with rest periods and physical activity. Many health problems come from a bad distribution of time. Adjust your schedules properly and you will see how your health improves one hundred percent.

You should keep the current job you enjoy and not think about changes in work, activities or schedules. If, on the other hand, you are unemployed, do not worry, because soon there is a stable occupation where you can develop your natural talents.

Money and Luck
An ideal day to tempt chance, make telephone contacts and communicate with people who can cooperate with you in the development of new economic projects. You are in a lucky tone and you must take advantage of it in all its nuances.

Stay away from any fear you may have, Libra and embark on the adventure without hesitation.

Your horoscope and the tarot of today, Saturday, August 3, 2019, are indicating that you must stop reasoning everything you do and live them more intensely. The arcane “The Priestess” refers to feelings, the emotional side and the need to heed what the heart feels.

Yes, maybe crazy. Yes, it can also be scary to risk so much because you are sure that you fear to lose your beloved harmony and your emotional stability.

But it is what your body and your interior ask. Something in you knows that it is the right thing, what it needs and if you don’t guide yourself by that intuition, you will regret it.

Libra does not forget the bad situations he has had to live for the simple reason that his fear of making the same mistake is too strong.

They are so hesitant, so fearful of altering their lives and causing chaos, that when they make a mistake and make the wrong decision, they mark it on fire so as not to repeat said failure.

They are not willing to suffer for no reason, to risk without reason because their stability both at the general level of their life and inside is paramount, a priority for them.

They are very kind and do not hold a grudge, in fact, most times blames are attributed that they should not because they believe that what happens to them is a product of their actions and their decisions.

My partner Libra has not forgotten her ex
If Libra has not forgotten his ex, it is very likely that he hurt him a lot in the passage. In general, Libra does not forget the people with whom he is involved above all in a loving way.

But much less to those who did wrong or betrayed him.

They are too vulnerable in that sense and a loving wound, which is usually the deepest and most destabilizing a Libra, will always remain there to remind them of what they should not do.

Luckily they learn from everything that happens to them. The pain will end up happening and the lesson will be learned for the future.

After all, they don’t like this in conflict, that doesn’t let him live in peace.

Libra lives the ruptures in a very special way if we understand the special word as a synonym for deep and intense.

They have a very insecure character, making any decision costs them a small internal battle valuing and weighing the pros and cons. Especially in the love field.

That is why when they finally manage to take the step, start a relationship, open up to someone and take a risk, the break is a blow that is difficult for them to assimilate.

Not only does he feel betrayed, but he also considers himself stupid for not having seen that it was a bad idea.

It is difficult for him to accept mistakes normally, whether to be martyred or punished.

Over time those breaks are scars that they use to remember everything they have improved.


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