Libra Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 6th July 2019

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 6th July 2019

The action of your ruler, Venus, in the fire element, direct, combined with the aphelion of the Earth activates your sixth sense, helps you to properly channel your energy and put yourself in the place of others, that is, practice empathy. You will notice many things, but do not confuse inspiration and intuition with self-suggestion.

You are beginning a new stage in your intimate life that will place you where you should have been and you will dare to take a bold step in a relationship, and in doing so, you will admire everyone. Do not fear, follow your inspirations, Libra.libra daily horoscope today saturday 6th july 2019

That contrariety that prevented you from fully enjoying your love life goes into the background and now you take to the surface what is really significant within your sentimental reality without thinking so much about what they will say or what could have been, but it was not.

Fill a little bottle of water and have it by your side, go slowly drinking sips because your body requires a good amount of daily fluid and if you do not drink water and replace it with sodas or caffeinated beverages you would be damaging.

You have been working double, doing things that could be done in a simpler way. This weekend separates a couple of hours to analyze this situation and review the way you are conducting your work life in order to take appropriate action from this Monday.

Money and Luck
Check your email! You will receive a money that you did not expect and will be used to pay for something you had pending. This weekend you will receive income through different channels and you will feel calmer when you have been able to put more order in your budget.