Libra Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 21st February 2021

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 21st February 2021

This Sunday interests arise that will attract your attention. There is a reunion or return to your side of someone who was once extremely important in your life and you had almost forgotten. This astral period of the synodic month of April envelops your Libran sign with an indisputable charm and what you now determine you can achieve since your will is very strengthened and at least, at this stage, the traditional indecisions that many times you are not common. paralyze. A time of very significant encounters is coming within your affective reality.

This is a good day to learn from other people. You have always been a bit of a gossip, and you usually know what happens to the people around you. Today you will find out somewhat scandalous news. Or maybe you find out a fact about business or investments that may be useful to you Pay attention to the gossip you hear in the office.libra daily horoscope 21st february 2021

This is an ideal time for you to take back the reins of your sentimental destiny and be the one to make the decisions. The conjunction of the Sun with the Moon is approaching and you are already feeling the force of its inspiring aura enveloping your sign with its fascination.

The shadow of your old relationship still threatens your present. Worse, it prevents you from rebuilding yourself. You struggle to open up to new sentimental perspectives. Therefore, maintaining contact with the person responsible for this mental torture remains incongruous. By drawing a line over it, you mourn this accumulated suffering. Finally far from you, rebirth projects will gradually sprout in your secret garden. For them to go beyond the limits of your imagination and come to fruition, let them hatch in bright sunlight.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a silly mood today. You won’t feel like taking things too seriously. During the course of the day, you will enjoy some fun and enjoyable conversations. Maybe you will meet friends and watch a game together or decide to have a drink or dinner with members of your family. Recharge your batteries and rest in the company of good people.

Good this Sunday for Librans who suffer from problems associated with the digestive system as they will be receiving a strong planetary wave that will transform everything around you in an energetic, direct way.

You are usually very intuitive, but today the channel that communicates you with the other side seems to be totally blocked. You cannot feel the feelings of others, and oracles like the I Ching no longer make sense. You can try to get logical, but that doesn’t work today either. However, don’t think it will be a permanent situation. Your mental biorhythm is low. In a few days, you will be back to normal.

Wasted effort. Between sport and you, it’s war. However, regular activity remains essential to maintain good health. When you run, you are short of breath. When you walk, you are exhausted. Now that you are swimming, you have the feeling of suffocation. The missing adrenaline rush is soon coming to your skies. Supplied on spring, Mars has decided to clean up all your sporting prejudices. Accompanied by your other half or your circle of friends, you will find your way on the path of motivation.

To take full advantage of this productive cycle that is coming into your life and that will develop as the situation becomes normal, you will have to make adjustments and arrangements associated with your economy and lifestyle. At the least expected moment, they will be calling you for that position to which you aspire.

In the environment of your home, you will feel the need to settle with your girlfriend. You will have a pleasant mood, prepare dinner and have a beautiful evening. You will have trouble concentrating on work. If you can, try to take a day off and take care of things in your home. You will feel more balanced if you give your energy to those you love and to your home environment.

Money and Luck
If you have reached this stage of the year without having a penny saved, take what has happened to you as an experience or spur you to propose to save something from this month. Get the idea that your salary was lowered by a few pesos or dollars, and put it aside, it doesn’t have to be much but don’t stop doing it and you will see how calm you feel knowing that you have a reserve in the bank for emergencies. Libra Luck Today

Today someone eccentric and unusual can attract you. You could meet someone whose dress, attitude, or beliefs are totally different from yours. Although sometimes you can be quite particular about your tastes, you will see that this person is attracted to you, well! You could enjoy the conversation and flirt. It is always good to learn from someone with the opposite type of energy and who has a different vibe.

The planet Neptune gives determination to the natives of your sign, in particular those of the second decan. You will complete your projects with great ease. However, do not put too much emphasis on your qualities at the risk of your colleagues suspecting you of having taken a big head. Try to temporize your words. Your hierarchy will notice this and congratulate you as it should. If you do manual and lonely work, you will have a pleasant day. No injury is to be considered.

Family and Friends
A most surprising meeting awaits you. An old acquaintance that you had lost sight of for a while will re-immerse in your life. If out of curiosity or nostalgia she wants to see you again, give yourself a chance to reconnect with that person. There is no harm in meeting over a coffee, for example. Nevertheless, be on your guard. It is possible that this sudden encounter was not completely selfless. Beware of too much emphasis or a drastic change in your relationships.

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