Libra Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 23rd June 2019

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 23rd June 2019

The direct movement of your regent associated with the transit of the Moon will help you a lot to put order in your life and communicate more directly with others. However, you must do it carefully so as not to expose defects that you have forgotten and have nothing to do with your elegant and diplomatic Libra sign.

With the tact that characterizes you, you can make the most of this planetary position and radically change, in your favor, the pace that events are taking during these final days of the month of June that we are going through.libra daily horoscope today sunday 23rd june 2019

The level of communication with your partner is now at a high level and you can be reconciled if you have suffered problems in the past or if you are in a difficult emotional situation. Your word will be effective and will fix everything, but only if you use it well.

Much improvement of the problems associated with the bladder and the urinary tract in general. You are at an important moment for any type of operation or treatment that has to do directly with those organs of excretion or also with dialysis processes.

It is possible that these days a recent change in your work, whether it is local, new administration or responsibility that brings you very restless. Take a deep breath and take advantage of this weekend to forget for a day those work worries.

Money and Luck
Eye, Libra! They offer you a seemingly very good business, but if you are going to accept a new project, consider the pros and cons very well. You will need all your knowledge and experience to not embark on something unproductive.

Libra Today’s Lucky Numbers
The Lucky numbers of Libra for 23rd June 2019 are 1, 2, 22, 38.