Libra Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 28th July 2019

The energy of the lunar eclipse just happened is wrapping your sign with a unique intuitive aura. The works on your own are well sponsored and you can even start a computer or investment project from home. If your activities are domestic, you get a direct boost. You have the expedited path for new projects, plans that will help you get what you are looking for.

However, due to the retrograde action of Mars and Mercury, you may feel a little confused about your feelings or those of someone else who is close to you. Do not make decisions at this time, rather wait a bit, analyze reality and then act firmly, but without precipitation.

From early hours you experience a feeling of inner happiness, inexplicable, but beautiful, a kind of hunch, imbued with the subsequent effect of the eclipse and you feel internally that something good is about to happen to you very soon, you intuit it, and this causes you joy and satisfaction.

Do not neglect, free. Remember that caution never hurts. If you suffer from disorders associated with circulation or diabetes problems it is advisable to visit your doctor and keep your health conditions at bay.

You might be tempted to tell your personal life to certain coworkers, which would not be appropriate. Discretion and good judgment are not at odds with sincerity and you must make clear distinctions between one thing or another.

Money and Luck
If there were difficulties in these past days, the news is very promising. You are on a good path to recover economically and the money begins to circulate. Prosperity envelops you and you’ll soon breathe relieved of your problems yesterday.


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