Libra Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 29th April 2018

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 29th April 2018

Your regent Venus is entering the fire element and the tone is impulsive in your environment. Wait for a little before making strong decisions and especially enjoy intensely what you have now, your family, your partner, your life. Open yourself to happiness, do not let it pass by in front of you.

In the area of money, there is a positive touch that attracts good fortune towards you and that can start a path to economic recovery that was shaky. There are certain indiscreet people around you who could compromise your love relationship by discussing intimacies that you have entrusted to them with third parties. Some people approach you to try to find out about secrets that they will later tell loudly committing you.libra daily horoscope sunday 29th april 2018

Do not rush into love because if you hurry to make a sentimental decision without consulting your heart and without analyzing the consequences well you would end up regretting them later.

You will want to do something daring or out of the ordinary following your impulses. Be careful and do not risk or expose yourself to the weather if it is raining, snowing or conditions do not allow it. Take care more, Libra.

Your positive attitude in your work will place you in a privileged position to resolve embarrassing situations. Trust more in your capacity and always act responsibly, you will see how your experience finally triumphs and benefits you.

Money and Luck
The Moon and Venus emit a positive effluvium in your economic life and a dream that you have been caressing for some time related to a small business on your own, apart from your usual work, will begin to materialize.