Libra Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 2nd December 2018

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 2nd December 2018

With the lunar transit that is taking place this Sunday you will notice the start of a formidable cycle in your economic recovery that will help you to come out gracefully of complicated situations and even allow yourself a small taste, a gift that you will give to yourself. An exciting day in which many sentimental situations that worried you happen to occupy a second place.

The aura that surrounds you is admiration, Libra and you should take advantage of it in your favor. There is nothing impossible when the will is concentrated in a direct way so no hesitations or insecurities!libra daily horoscope today sunday 2nd december 2018

The moon is approaching and love and romance envelop your Libran sign. You find who you have not seen for a long time and from this meeting new incentives, promises and projects that crystallize in these coming weeks before the end of the current year 2018 arise.

If your chronic conditions are associated with diabetes or a similar condition this day is good to try new treatments and you also experience an extra dose of vitality that will help you improve in all aspects.

Perhaps you have had a discouraging dream related to your work and are very impressed. Not always what we dream is fulfilled as we believe, we must interpret its symbols and fortunately today you do not see anything wrong with your sign. Remember not to take things literally, everything has its process.

Money and Luck
Something unforeseen will force you to change your last minute plans, Libra. In this cycle you are managing your economy very well and managing your business correctly, but now you must be a bit more daring and put into circulation a saved money that is not fulfilling any function.

By Mary Emma

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