Libra Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st July 2021

Check Libra daily horoscope for Thursday, July 1st, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. Analyze your reality at all times, although the future cannot be accurately predicted, you can always assess the options that you have in front of you caused by planetary influences and thus make a better decision based on your experience and your intuition.

For example, today, the planetary combinations of this Thursday affect excitingly a relationship that seemed destined to fail, but that is now tilting in your favor under the effluvium of Venus, your ruler, in your very element.libra daily horoscope for today thursday july 1st 2021

Love rises from its ashes and becomes something wonderful. If you are thinking of reliving a passionate adventure, do not keep putting it off. In this initial stage of the second semester of 2021, if you insist on finding adequate solutions to your work difficulties, you will see how ideas arise to get out of a work problem well.

Probably today you receive something totally unforeseen. Be careful. If you invest it wisely, it will serve you well and for a long time. Now you are curious about esoteric subjects, such as the “dark arts” perhaps. Why not head to your local bookstore and find some books on these interesting topics.

You won’t hold back your words. You clean up from the void, your way. Your defense mechanisms are more a source of stress than protection, question yourself and you will move towards well-being. Thursday 1st July, you have a lot to do to harmoniously manage relations between each other, stay zen. You are not responsible for all exchanges, stay neutral and count the points. You are mobilized by important discussions and matters that keep you on fire in your heart! No question of letting go! As much as possible, avoid letting yourself be overwhelmed by your emotions if you want to remain in control of the game.

Libra Daily Horoscope of Love, Health, Work, Money and Family for 1st July 2021

Take advantage of this lunar influence in the fire element, which is very akin to yours, to do what you have been putting off, Libra. You are in the period of review of your life in general, the conjunction of Venus accentuates your eloquence and your words will fall on receptive ears, the important thing is that when that encounter occurs, let your heart speak.

The presence of Mars in your environment indicates that you are in danger of suffering the wrath of your other half. Your fearful nature will not cope well with this sudden storm, the abruptness of which will be equaled only by injustice. Fearfully you will curl up on yourself when you are expected to react more firmly. Single, you circle a fire that could burn you. Go your way, you will find more comfort with an Aquarius.

You won’t be able to focus on work today. Which is not very good to say. Since you could get in trouble. You feel super and in the mood for romance! You will spend it thinking at night, when you are alone with your partner or, at least, free to enjoy a spicy novel or romantic movie. Take advantage of lunchtime to buy yourself a dress that suits you. And enjoy the night!

If you have been indicated for an operation or some type of therapy in a hospital or similar clinical institution, you will be able to do it positively. Go seriously considering some type of treatment to improve your health problems if that is your case and make this stage one of the healthiest of your life.

Have you been thinking about a personal evolution? If so, today will be the day that you will receive the key to this development. Or perhaps you receive unexpected information indicating new sources of income that you will undertake on your own. Whatever the case, new opportunities will open up for you that will make a big difference in your lifestyle and place you in a new socio-economic stratum. Make the most of it you can!

Neptune prepares to enter the 4th house and brings with it a climate conducive to melancholy and regret. You will not have too much morale, especially if you are a native of the first decan. Don’t let these feelings overwhelm you and try to move forward to get yourself out of this gloomy climate. If you have the chance, take a long country walk. This will allow you to clear your mind and relativize any dark thoughts that might creep into you.

Soon you will hear rumors or comments in your work that could cause you uneasiness. The best thing in these cases is to not pay attention to them and continue to fulfill your responsibilities with the proper sense that you know how to give to everything you undertake.

What if you dedicated a little of your time to others? If you work, it will be difficult perhaps, but you know very well the number of things that can be done in an hour. You live it every day! If you do not work, this will allow you to be in contact with others and perhaps you will discover a vocation that will open up new opportunities. Think about it.

You do not follow up on certain projects, because of your lack of involvement. Considering a collaboration with a loved one might give you some breathing space. Why aren’t you thinking of telecommuting? It could be a good dilemma. You manage your finances intelligently, you can sniff out favorable opportunities around you. The stars assure you that you will soon earn a little money. Don’t wait to plan for the future, start today.

Money and Luck
You are in the middle of a positive cycle to increase your economy sponsored by the effluvium of the direct planets in transit through your sign at this stage such as Mars and Venus, but do not get too confident because Mercury and Jupiter, which are two very important planets they are still retrograde.

Your determination to succeed will take you far, despite events moving more slowly than you would like. You will make good initial contacts with potential clients who will reward you later. Or maybe you have a chat with someone who will give you an idea for an innovative solution to a problem. Even if you don’t see instant results today, do not doubt that you are planting the seeds of future success.

Chances are you will experience a slight disappointment in your career. If you are currently looking for a job, maybe a promising offer will not bear fruit in the end. For those who are already in post, an obstacle to the realization of a project will come in your way. Do not lament too long over failure, mourn and get back on your feet. Other opportunities will soon arrive in your field of possibilities.

Family and Friends
When an argument breaks out in a group of friends, the fault is always on the person trying to fix the situation. So you. It’s simple, you are the scapegoat for this story. To want to defend too much the widow and the orphan, one always ends up suffering the consequences without having known the cause beforehand. In the future, take a little height on all these vents while remaining as neutral as possible. Things will naturally fit into their respective boxes without you having to get involved in the mess caused.

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