Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 14th November 2017

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 14th November 2017

Love will surprise you when you least expect it in the figure of that person who is so important to you. If you fulfill your obligations responsibly and review your work assignments there will be no disruption. There is no time to lose if you feel inspired to propose a relationship or a life as a couple.

This is the right time to leave behind the restlessness of the past and the nostalgia for the non-existent, particularly now that you are about to enter a cycle of solid unions and have in your favor the cosmic energy that comes from the moon, that is, the full moon today.libra daily horoscope of 14th november 2017

Libra Love Horoscope 14th November 2017
Leave fears behind. It is not your day for fights, but to demonstrate to that beloved person that you are able to forgive, but above all forget. There will be hope that your spouse or partner will hold your attention! Without this, it’s a safe bet that you will take a passion for someone else, given this configuration of Neptune! Be careful, this adventure could be a lot of damage to your current union! Single, you will not escape crushing this time. It will undoubtedly be an attraction more sensual than sentimental, judging by this position of the star Mars in your Sky. But that will be enough to fill you at the moment.

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Libra Health
Tuesday is very well sponsored in the health aspect and if you had been worried about an operation or treatment in the next few days you will be able to breathe easier because there are an improvement and a lot of energy in your horoscope. Thanks to the Mercure-Venus duo in a good position in your Sky, it will be the great shape and the smile. Pluto, for its part, should maintain your energy but also, unfortunately, expose you to a small risk of sprain or elongation. So beware of the stairs and, if you practice a sport, no question of playing the daredevils!

Libra Work 14th November 2017
Are you upset with your current work situation? Continue insisting on the search for a more remunerative job and in line with your urgent personal needs, capability, and easy to transport yourself. Weigh everything in the balance. In your job, planet Pluto will put you today in the middle of a contradiction between adventurous tendencies and a taste for the tranquility of your home. And you will unable to resolve to go one way or the other. It must be admitted that this situation will be annoying, to say the least!

Libra Money Horoscope14th November 2017
Your Libran sign is characterized by social tact and equanimity. Use these two qualities in a positive way and put your energy to work on that project that will give you money, but which demands a total concentration on your part. Avoid wasting time with negative or complaining people. In the financial field, you will have luck and nice money. You will complete important transactions or negotiations that you expect a lot. Skilled and competent, you will defend your interests with panache. But you will be tempted to spend all the money you will have earned.

Your home will probably be the scene of profound changes or even upheavals. It could happen, among other things, that you have to move. Your spouse, children or other loved ones will be of great help here. As your little world will be on the warpath, trying to stay cool because any misplaced word or gesture could provoke negative reactions.

Social life
Made excessively nervous by poorly-looking Mars, you will seek the fight with everyone. Be careful, this behavior will hurt you, and these sterile struggles will waste your energy unnecessarily.