Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 17th July 2018

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 17th July 2018

It is the time of the concrete plans. From these moments you must put everything in its place and act firmly in your work, relationships and friendships. This means that if you have been promising something and you do not meet it, you know how to demand it and do not keep waiting for more.

You know how to demand your rights and in this cycle more than in others you have the stars of your part. The energy of your regent, Venus, direct, inspire you and soon you will be in control of a sentimental situation that seemed to have escaped your hands, love shines again in your intimate horizon, Libra.

If there were misunderstandings or sentimental frustrations in your recent emotional life, a period of reconciliations, arrangements and new promises of happiness and conjugal union begins. Life smiles at you. Leave the pessimism that does not go with you.

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Use this cosmic energy in an edifying way in your health. You have the willpower required to start your plans. All you have to do is propose it seriously and follow them with constancy. You will achieve your goals.

You advance with security and progress in your work. Make the most of your knowledge and experience and take advantage of them, but the most important thing is to organize yourself adequately so as not to dilute yourself in small things and discussions that are alien to the full quality of your Libra personality.

Money and Luck
A touch of fortune hits the door of your economic life and you start receiving very favorable offers that will help you to get out of your debts quickly and to keep up with your payments. Save a little for the next months.