Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

The planetary aspects of this beginning of the month are promising, Virgo. Shocking encounters arise particularly for those who are single because the energy that reigns in your sign with the sextile of your ruler Venus and the planet Mars is transformative and surprising, especially now that your ruler, Venus, is in the firm Capricorn sign. The happy tone that surrounds you will help you forget all those sad and insecure things of the past and now you launch into the conquest of your present and future with greater confidence in your possibilities. Your character is strengthened and you will be able to finish what does not suit you emotionally, and fully enjoy a sentimental encounter that will present itself and promise a beautiful existential adventure in this last month of the year.

A new wind is going to blow in your relationship life, and you probably won’t be unhappy with it. The planetary configuration of the moment offers you to make a new start, during which you will be able to use your recent thoughts on yourself and test your renewed image. Rejoice!libra daily horoscope 1st december 2020

This Tuesday, December 1, the situations you will experience are pleasant. Enjoy life, without worrying about it. You will instinctively turn to peaceful people. Harmony and serenity are present and allow you to bring more authenticity and depth to your relationships. The atmosphere of the moment pushes you to be more relaxed and more available to improve what needs to be and to be more receptive to others.

The conjunction of Venus with Jupiter squared with Chiron. Many times an attitude that is too demanding takes love away from you. Do not demand too much from other people around you because you would become impertinent. Love flows, when we give it free rein to grow and flourish, and that is the lesson that life gives you today, supporting you in what you seek and want.

Maybe you are wondering about your romantic life right now. Your idealism awakens and you wonder how the soul mate could fulfill your desire for the absolute. Life is not a movie, and you will benefit from being more realistic! Nobody is perfect; loving is also knowing how to accept the other’s faults … That doesn’t prevent you from being demanding and from trying to improve the quality of this relationship. Communicate with her, it’s still the best way!

It’s a great day to declare your feelings, express your emotions. You enjoy your various conversations, you have interesting conversations, you receive a cheerful call. In a Relationship: If you are in a relationship, you will have a good relationship and you will make your relationship more harmonious. Affective and sensual exchanges are enriching, rewarding and you feel more stable, more secure in your love affair. Single: Your love life is in the spotlight today. Everything is in place for your love life to become dense and hectic.

The energy that comes from the planets in your horoscope is especially favorable if your health problems are related to blood pressure and neuralgia. Try to rest more, meditate, relax, pamper yourself more and worry less especially now that there is a 90-degree aspect between Venus and Chiron.

You will no doubt be obsessed with sports today! You might be watching your favorite soccer or rugby team game. You could also go to a live sports event at a stadium. You will find your best friends and the third half may belong! You can also play sports yourself with friends. You will be attracted by the team spirit and the group atmosphere.

The jobs on your own and also those you do if you are a seller or a seller for commissions are well sponsored. You are going to start a project from home. If your activities are domestic you receive a direct impulse with the combined action of the Moon and your ruler, Venus, directly expressing their energy inauspicious planetary aspects. For those who continue their professional activities: If you are looking for work, be stylish and dynamic to stand out and find the job of your dreams. Do not hesitate to compliment those who impress you, you will receive so much sympathy in return and you can make important contacts for the next step.

Are you considering a new professional orientation? No wonder for an ambitious person like you! Take stock of your career: now is the time to think about what you want to be and to see if your job can help you achieve your most secret ambitions. Do not hesitate to develop a strategy to achieve your goals. From a financial standpoint, you may well make an attractive investment. You have the wind in your sails, take advantage of it!

Money and Luck
You may have had some recent difficulties, but the good news is that you still have time to take smart measures to help you move forward with your economy without major complications, you will do it, Libra. Your taste for success takes precedence and you deploy all your talents to open the right doors for your enrichment projects. You may change activity or employer with the possibility of at least doubling your income and commissions.

The urge to write might tickle you today. Your mind will be teeming with ideas, so don’t hesitate to jot a few down on a corner of the table. You could invent the plan of an object that you would like to build, or you could design the decoration of your interior, the architecture of your furniture. Feel free to sketch whatever comes to mind. Or write if you can’t draw. Words will come naturally to you today.

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