Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 29th January 2019

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 29th January 2019

Your smile will melt hard hearts in this planetary cycle that you are living. It is an excellent period to propose a beautiful relationship and launch yourself to share your life with another person.

Solve your urgent matters first and do not keep postponing an answer that is waiting for you to be able to continue a relationship. Happily wrapped around you a vibration of intimate joy that will help you restore harmony with your partner if there were problems between them, misunderstandings or meaningless arguments.libra daily horoscope today tuesday 29th january 2019

Love does not wait, and your boldness and recklessness will give results. The person you are interested in is waiting for you, to take that first step that encourages her to confirm her feelings towards you so do not hesitate and do what is necessary to show your interest and not allow yourself to be away from you. How many rights do you have?

If you have felt bad recently do not invent anything. Listen to your body, change your regime and if you think it is necessary, consult your doctor, but do not try anything unusual on this day. Do not prescribe yourself. You could be making some mistake.

Work and Career
Avoid dispersion and you will see how you perform a difficult activity and you save unnecessary dislikes. Promise yourself to get away from pointless discussions with people at work that waste your time and money.

Money and Luck
Your Libran sign receives a strong planetary influence that can change your life. Take care of your public image because it depends on a social triumph and a leap to fame. A business trip becomes a source of income. Maybe it is postponed, do not worry, it is part of the current economic scheme that you are living.

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