Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Today is a lucky day. The Part of Fortune is conjunct your ruling planet Venus, so today is a day to use this energy for your benefit. Friends can visit you and give you good news. The secret to managing the energy of this day well is to be yourself, without trying to please others.

In general, it will be a good day for short-term goals, there are still plans and opportunities that have not yet been clearly manifested, so you have to be patient in what is taking time. Good energy at work and with friends.
You are the sign that cares the most that others are well and comfortable, on this day try to think carefully about what you want for yourself. Although it sounds selfish, it is necessary.

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday...
Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

The relationship with your partner is intense and passionate, although on days like today you have to know how to handle the tension in a creative way. Your partner may be feeling frustrated at work, so you have to create the right environment so that he can release his tension and relax. Only then can the passion come out. Otherwise it will be a day of feeling that you are upset with someone or something and not sure who.

A collaboration between Mars and Venus will put you in an increasingly passionate marital climate as you approach the end of the day. Ardent feelings will animate you. Will they be wisdom or folly? You decide! You will want to fully enjoy the pleasures of life in the company of your spouse or partner.

Single, an affair of the heart can take a very favorable and more lasting turn, if you moderate your tastes for independence and freedom. This relationship could bring you a lot of happiness and a greater harmony of life. As a family, your dreams of harmony and concord will come true. The young will be obedient, but dynamic. You will make a very commendable effort to approach them and engage in dialogue.

Jupiter is in this house although a little weak because of his position, this planet where he goes always offers a promise of growth and happiness. Being retrograde this promise can be delayed and feel that it will never be fulfilled. You have to keep the faith because the opportunity is there. You just have to be patient. Rome was not built in a day. Part of your job today is knowing when to push and when to wait.

In general, this is a day in which you are going to feel good and with a lot of vitality. This is due to the position of Fortune next to your ruler, so your body will feel in perfect condition. That is not why you have to abuse and trust that you can handle everything since the ruler of your illness is in a complicated situation in the sign of Aquarius.

So you have vital force, but you don’t have to neglect yourself so as not to fall into a situation. Mars and Jupiter will boost your vitality. Your dynamism and tone will be accentuated by Pluto. This one will also give you physical resistance. If you’re taking some well-deserved time off right now, you’ll have a blast doing a lot of exercise.

At work, things are going to go well on this day since the Moon, ruler of the 10th house of professional success, is in your sign. This will give you opportunities to be noticed at work. The Moon favors teamwork, which is a specialty for your zodiac sign, so on this day you have to pay special attention to the organization of the group. Boards and meetings are places where it is very possible to shine on this day.

In work, try to be more combative, even more aggressive, and tell yourself, once and for all, that it is dangerous to make feelings in business. In addition, arrange to fully use the energy and the punch that will give you the planet Mars.

Money and Luck
Your money in this period is ruled by Mars, this planet likes risk and spending on impulse, so you have to be careful in this period with your personal finances so as not to lose yourself in expenses that you had not considered and that little by little are undermining your income. With Mars in the 11th house, of friends and parties, the recommendation is to avoid spending money on parties or events. It may happen that a friend asks you for money, it is up to you to decide if you can give him that amount and do well in your finances for the month.

Heaven will be favorable to you this time on the money side. This is why you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to improve your purchasing power. However, you must be careful not to take excessive risks. Certainly, your situation is stable; but if you embark on too grandiose acquisitions, you will end up unbalancing everything.

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