Libra Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 22nd June 2022

It’s a day where you should be confronted with a lot of opposition… You will be opposed to many arguments and points of view very different from yours. And you will tend to react immediately. Change strategy. Listen more carefully, take time to absorb those opinions, and launch your counterattack later. It will only be more effective!

Today you would be tempted to reset “the counters to zero” with one of your loved ones. Your patience with him has reached its limits and you are no longer prepared to tolerate the slightest prank. Don’t be unfair and measure your anger anyway. However, now really is the time for a serious explanation and you will both win. The important thing is to resume a real dialogue built on restored confidence.


This is definitely not a good day for you to stay home and do housework. If you do, some very irrational thoughts may invade you during the day. Regardless of the weather, you’d better get out there and do whatever it takes to keep your mind busy with positive thoughts. Go shopping, attend a sporting event, watch a movie, or visit a friend. Whatever you do, distract your mind. Have a good day.

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Put that book down and get out of the house! You’ve been alone long enough, it’s time to start interacting with others. Aside from you having loads of fun, there will also be encounters that will be of benefit to you in the long run. Group situations are great, but don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure that comes from the intimacy of a one-on-one encounter.

The discussions of the day before will relieve you. Their follow-up is positive, keep going! The form returns in force thanks to your more optimistic state of mind. You could take full advantage of the good resolutions you make. Wait patiently for the sky to clear so that you can push back the boundaries of the possible and broaden your emotional horizons towards more benevolence, fraternity, love.

Your sensitivity is acute and those who come to take advice from you will not be disappointed today. Your perspectives are realistic and concrete and you easily understand what is wrong. People with brilliant ideas, but little thought, will undoubtedly try to put their grain of salt in your projects. Listen to them with friendship, but you do not allow yourself to be influenced. Persevere in your path and in your convictions. Believe in yourself.

You will need to give in to someone. Perhaps you and your partner are in the middle of a debate. Everyone will have an impassioned opinion on the matter. But the time has come to make amends. Find a way to compromise. Or, if you really love her, maybe it’s better to just give up. Drop your ego.

Let go of the need to be right. Take into account that you want to preserve this good relationship. Today there are risks of turbulence that you would be well advised to approach as flexibly as possible if you do not want to cause too many unnecessary sparks that are above all harmful to your romantic credibility and more generally to your popularity.

You may find yourself today with a problem to solve as a group. It is at work that a situation could be completely blocked. If you feel that everyone is at an impasse, don’t hesitate to take the lead! Perhaps it will be necessary to redistribute everyone’s tasks to finally find the solution. You have natural abilities to command. Don’t be afraid to use it… but without excessive authority of course!

Those efforts aimed at progressing in your career and that resulted in past achievements, today could attract the gaze of the public to you. You will find that you are the center of attention, perhaps by sharing your methods with others or leading a discussion group. In addition, an opportunity may arise to write or speak about your experiences. You will receive compliments from many people, which will not only feed your ego but also your enthusiasm. Defeatism really isn’t for you. Today, you lend an attentive ear to people who seek your advice. You take care to encourage everyone who needs a helping hand.

Money and Luck
You might be very surprised at the changes that are brewing in your professional world. New partners or employees may join your company. Your boss may hire an architect to revamp the premises or buy the latest computer equipment. All this newness is synonymous with prosperity. Take this opportunity to show what you are capable of. It’s on like Donkey Kong !

This is a wonderful day to pay attention to your body’s signals. If you are feeling fatigued, you should go for a walk to cleanse your toxins. Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious herbs. Do exercises if you want to eliminate waste. You will need to detox by taking a break and relaxing. Today take care of your mind and spirit. If you have expenses to make, heaven protects you but do not overstep your limits. You defend your interests and can’t stand anyone standing in your way. You may have to defend a sensitive project.

Try not to be too bossy today. Sometimes you are hurtful and you can be seen as aggressive. Shy people will even feel overwhelmed by the boundless energy you exude. Today, you might feel upset, and therefore more irritable than usual. Find a way to evacuate your toxins other than by venting on others! Take your trainers and go run in the forest to regain your senses.

Today you release your emotions and make peace with yourself. Thus, you bet on the serenity of the spirit by driving out your remorse, your contradictory desires, the thoughts which undermine you. Take it easy today, and dedicate yourself to reflecting on certain comments you have received in recent days. Today is a day to meditate and plan. When it comes to love affairs, you will find that a sensitive and calm approach is best. This isn’t your usual way of doing things, but it will give you the balance you need to counteract your usual frenetic pace.

You take advantage of the fine weather and your free time to go for invigorating walks, bask in the sun, take a dip in the sea or take a few lengths in the swimming pool. You do not hesitate to launch multiple invitations to which those around you respond in the affirmative.

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