Libra Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 23rd October 2019

The natives of the third decan will be in a playful mood with their companion thanks to the influence of the Sun. You dream of a romantic and sensual evening. The other natives of the sign, however, have nothing to fear about love. Everything will happen in joy and a good mood within the home.

If you have been a couple for many years, however, try to arrange a dinner for one to one at least once a week or a romantic outing to solder your links and remind you why you love each other.libra daily horoscope 23rd october 2019

The night has brought you advice, you have risen full of candor and goodwill. It’s time to put your good health resolutions into practice! You may be thinking of adopting some precepts of the “healthy” lifestyle: physical activity, balanced meals, and positive thoughts are your goals of the day.

However, bad habits die hard. Keeping your resolutions may be more difficult than expected. Do not give up, as long as you have your motivation, opportunities will not be missed.

Money and Luck
Money may not smell, but fear, yes! So immersed in the orbit of Mercury, you make a difficult experience today. Some natives could indeed see the resurgence of a fear that they felt child: that of being poor or missing something. Others will fear that an unexpected expense will fall on them without them being able to control it.

Good news though, you can turn the situation around and use that fear as a driving force when considering improving the terms of your savings.

Family and Friends
Thanks to the presence of the Sun as a harmonic in your sign, you show great generosity and unparalleled dedication for your loved ones. Only your personal development and the prospect of evolution in the field of work could slow down this need to please those around you.

The natives of the first decade will also show great philanthropy today. This is the perfect time to get involved in a charity, set up a monthly transfer to an association or simply help a neighbor.

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