Libra Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 24th April 2019

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 24th April 2019

It’s time to purge the list of false friends, Libra. There are some people around you who only know how to talk about misfortunes, illnesses and problems. If you listen to them you will get infected with their pessimism and that is not healthy.

Go planning some kind of activity that allows you to enjoy more of the outdoors, the open spaces, some adventure that attracts to you the energy of nature. Lately you are very close to home and that may be dissipating your inner strengths that need renewal. Do not get emotionally unbalanced because your Libra sign, more than others, requires the balance, the balance, the fair mean.libra daily horoscope today wednesday 24th april 2019

Your aura is projected in a tone of love conquest that provokes love and anxiety in those who have their eyes on you. Take advantage of this passionate streak and if you have a partner do not wait any longer to live another honeymoon, if you do not have it, go find it! The direct energy of Venus, your ruler, inspires and encourages you.

Do not wait any longer and just buy yourself that bicycle that will help you perform pleasant exercises away from home, entertain you and move your muscles. It’s your day to rethink the way you’re exercising. Take care of your body more. A good feeding without movement is only part of the solution.

Due to certain setbacks that have arisen in your work, you may be worrying too much about minor aspects of your work life that do not concern you. Do not get carried away by that negative wave that has nothing to do with your current perspective or your personality.

Money and Luck
If you are managing or managing other people’s money you must have your accounts very clear and in order to avoid mismanagement by third parties, that is, those who have access to that information or cash. If you are cautious, there will be no problems.

By Mary Emma

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