Libra Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 4th November 2020

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 4th November 2020

This astral stage that is currently appearing in your sign with the direct transit of Venus through the fire element and the Moon in your air element, opens doors that were closed and you will soon be initiating a new phase within your sentimental relationships. Wait until you are convinced of the sincerity of someone who offers you something, both in love and at work, and that way you will not be disappointed later. News that reaches you through third parties or a social network will put you back in communication and contact with someone who has never stopped being important in your life.

Your world will seem a bit confusing today. It will not be an easy task to understand what is happening. Logic and analytical processes are for nothing because you will not solve anything with them. It would be more convenient for you to forget about it until you have a clearer notion of the facts. Don’t bother to make sense of things. Just relax and go with the flow.libra daily horoscope 4th november 2020

For your personal satisfaction, you feel every day more sure of yourself and with greater confidence in your potentialities. The maturity that you now experience will help you consolidate your sentimental relationship and there may even be weddings or serious commitments.

A fantastic day awaits you, especially when it comes to relationships with people of the opposite gender. Your tender and sensitive nature are finally recognized for what it is: a true gem. Many times that personality type is perceived as weak, but today you will receive all the credit you deserve.

For some time now, without realizing it, you have been giving silly smiles to someone in your workplace who returns them to you with stars in their eyes. If you are single, put your shyness aside and go talk to her. You will probably be surprised at the tenor this relationship could have. If you are in a relationship and this situation occurs, avoid creating doubts and tensions. You have the right to have your little secrets if it does not go beyond reasonable limits.

If you can’t regularly attend a gym to exercise at least try taking daily walks or set aside even half an hour a day to do sit-ups, dance around the house to music, and tone your muscles.

Have you ever had one of those days where you can’t stop thinking? Well, this is one of those days. Worse still, you will feel like sharing your thoughts but you won’t find a single person willing to chat. Do not worry. You have a computer and a modem, so why don’t you look for someone in the chat room or newsgroups?

The night brought you advice, you got up full of candor and goodwill. It’s time to put your healthy resolutions into practice! You may be considering adopting a few precepts of the “healthy” lifestyle: physical activity, balanced meals, and positive thoughts are your goals for the day. However, bad habits die hard. Keeping your resolutions might turn out to be more difficult than you expected. Don’t give up, as long as you have your motivation, there will be plenty of opportunities.

If you submitted a job application and you are waiting for the answer, you may soon have the job in your hands, so this day enjoy what you have and do not worry about what you do not have, it will come.

Today you can face very important decisions. You have been feeling fragile lately; as if you lack energy and motivation. For this reason, you will have to make a great effort to address certain issues that have not yet been resolved. If you don’t, they will continue to bother you and, even if you don’t want it, they will resurface later when you least expect it.

Money and Luck
Poverty as such does not exist, there are only transitory states in which you have more or less money. If you look at life from that perspective, you will be able to happily face and overcome any economic adversity that comes your way in this cycle. Libra Luck Today

Maybe you feel like you are in a Roman theater in the middle of a gladiator show. The good news is that if anyone can emerge triumphant in this situation and understand the truth, it is you. But do not be too obstinate with the solution that will be given to things. Otherwise, this could lead to completely unnecessary consequences. Remember that your function is to mediate, not to command.

With this lunar aspect, your relationship with money could play you dirty tricks. If you tend to equate the material things that bring you to comfort with necessary expenses, a more frugal approach will be required. It will do you great good to re-evaluate your priorities. Otherwise, you run the risk of making financially burdensome purchases that you will later regret. Don’t let temporary annoyances cause you to spend impulsively.

Family and Friends
Be careful, a family secret is in the process of being discovered. Even more destructive than the iceberg of the Titanic, the latter could well upset all the precious balance of your siblings. That’s why, as you go through all of these revelations or exaggerations, you need to take some height. Even if it is not easy, try to remain as neutral as possible regarding the ins and outs of this dark matter. Decidedly, the truth does not come out of the mouths of gossip!

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