Libra Daily Horoscope in Urdu 15th February 2018

Libra Daily Horoscope in Urdu 15th February 2018

Love Life
Jupiter associated with your sign can be a bearer of reflection wisely or a source of anxiety. As a couple, it seems that you are constantly asking to be reassured.

This could especially affect your physique which you consider as imperfect. But do not forget that your partner loves you for you, for your qualities and your faults, your charms and your small imperfections which, for him, are not anyway.

Single, close acquaintance might not want to settle for your friendship. If you share this feeling, get started.

Jupiter brings Libra a lot of self-confidence today. If for some people this contribution is more than profitable for others this confidence can appear as pretentiousness or even arrogance.

Having insurance in the professional context is a guarantee of success, but it should also be remembered that you work in a team.

The day will pass quietly for the native of Libra, except for those who would be tempted to spend a lot of money at once. Also, people who want to earn more money could quickly understand what the phrase “burn your wings” means.

Remember that we have never seen a safe following a hearse. To want money to live well is normal, but wanting more and more can quickly make you miss priceless things.

The natives of this sign should spend a day without any particular health problem. However, the most greedy of this sign will have an annoying tendency to nibble between meals: Eat a little too fat or drink a little too much sugar or alcoholic drinks. Jupiter governs the liver and may remind you that he also needs some rest.libra daily horoscope in urdu 15 february 2018

Come on you can admit it, you are of an obstinate character! If in addition, you concede quite easily that you have a natural authority, it could cause sparks within your family.

Also be aware that there may be situations where you are wrong. This is the sign of great maturity.

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