Libra Daily Horoscope in Urdu Saturday 10th February 2018

Libra Daily Horoscope in Urdu Saturday 10th February 2018

Single, do not be too distracted by overindulgence or problems with your lovers. Keep a firm and stable attitude, it will be your best asset in the complications that disturb your environment.

If you are already bonded and your relationship is happy, Neptune will have little impact. But if a disagreement opposes you to your spouse or partner, you should be wary of your tendency to refuse dialogue.

The taste of possession, the ardor of hoarding will be exalted during this day. Your business acumen will be acute and subtle, capable of helping you to carry out splendid acquisitions. The moment will also be conducive to transactions on art objects.

In the professional field, you will show a lot of enthusiasm and efficiency. But beware of falling too demanding or too critical attitude towards your subordinates or your collaborators.

Putting their nerves alive in the present circumstances would be worth serious setbacks in the smooth running of work or business.

No major health problems to be feared. But to keep you in top shape, watch your diet. Try not to abuse meat and increase your consumption of fresh vegetables.

Also, remember to eat more meat and fish without wine or alcohol sauces. Steaming or broiling will help you find the true flavor of food. Eat natural fruits without the addition of sugar in any form.

Your family life may pose some problems. Your children, even if they are young enough, will not agree to bow to your authority. Take them gently for best results.

Social life
Having Pluto as a companion today, you will enter a period of great sociability, even goodness. Warning! This disposition, charming as it may be, will make you very vulnerable because you will not be able to say no when it should.libra daily horoscope in urdu 10th february 2018 aaj ka din

Do not be mowed by unscrupulous people. In any case, be a little selfish, by resisting all the unjustified solicitations of which you will be the object.

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