Libra | Friday August 2, 2019 | Daily Horoscope

Libra | Friday, August 2, 2019, | Daily Horoscope

You must insist that those people who promised you something, keep it, because now, with retrograde Mercury, certain promises tend to fall in a broken sack and if you do not insist you would find yourself in an embarrassing situation. A friendly person will arrive with good news related to pending money and a lost legal paper.

In general, the prospects are good, free, but you must insist on what they have promised you and not give up on your efforts, especially if they are issues associated with your romantic or couple life.

Take care of your love life and do not conduct it as a company because love is something very different from work and you, many times, tend to take everything too seriously. Relax more, enjoy life with the placidity that characterizes your Libra sign.

Do something different after a tiring day like alternating hot showers with cold water. The combination of both temperatures will be stimulating, and then a relaxing factor for your nerves.

Your patience will be tested because you will have to deal with fellow little cooperators and their passive resistance to doing their part will get you out of your boxes. An intense but productive day awaits you in your work and if you are still unemployed August will be a month of good news in that regard.

Money and Luck
The money earned with such effort must be put into production or at least be placed in solid investments that allow you to have economic liquidity. These days you will be presented with an opportunity to make it grow and prosper.

To find out what the daily tarot has prepared for today’s Libra horoscope, Friday, August 2, 2019, you just have to read below.

A protected by the Libra horoscope will be quite independent so he will always need his space.

Librarians carry very badly that they are unnecessarily overwhelmed, need to breathe and not be harassed.

Therefore, you have to have strategies to win a native of Libra.

In addition to showing you that you are always there, you should do it in a way that does not think you are too much on top. It is somewhat complicated but it can be done.

This happens to him for the same reason he is afraid of compromise … so with Libra, you have to be very patient and cautious.

It is only about finding the intermediate point between the attention it requires and also allowing time for Libra to think and react to situations.

What to do if a Libra man wants to make you jealous
If a Libra man wants to make you jealous, it means he cares more than he shows.

This sign loves that you go after him, that you let him care about you, so when he sees that he doesn’t have the necessary attention he can make an intense wake-up call so that you get alert.

So, if a Libra man tries to make you jealous, you better start putting the batteries, because he is screaming for attention!

Another strategy may be to make you jealous as well, so the same thing is left nonsense … but you never know how a librarian can act … the same get the batteries or the same tries to make you even more jealous.

Sometimes, it is difficult to know what is around the stubborn head of a Libra man, but you can always talk to him or let him see what you feel for him.

What to do if a Libra woman wants to make you jealous
When a Libra woman tries to make you jealous, it can mean two things: one is that she wants to get your attention anyway and the other one that wants to make you see that you are not so important (although in reality if you are).

The second will surely do it because some situation you have experienced has damaged your ego.

It may be that the woman of this sign has seen you flirting with other girls or is jealous, then she will act for “revenge” and try to make you jealous in any way, so you can see what she has felt.

This happens because Libra women tend to have a bit more evil than Libra men. While they do it as a wake-up call, they can also do it as a way to return some flirtation that they have caught or suspected.

They do it so that you put yourself in their place and thus see what they suffer. You already know that the reaction must be to go looking for her since even if she does it that way, she will try to get your attention.


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