Libra Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017, Good Day for Money and Finance

Libra Horoscope Predictions Sunday April 16, 2017

It is not good that you always want to be in the lead in a work group, others should also have the ability to decide, give way today, will be a good thing for you.

You are with your mind too set on things that do not matter for now, remember that you must always be careful about what you need to get at this time.

It is a good day for money and finances, also to generate extra income and devise business models that will provide it.

It is not always good that you see the straw in the eye of others, you also have to observe yourself and think if you are doing things right, remember that many times we think we are right, but we are seriously wrong.

Do not stop thinking about that special person who wants a lot, although maybe they are a little distant because of physical remoteness, still thinking a lot about you right now, do not let this stop happening.
Libra Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017 Lucky numbers for today: 13, 17, 18, 26, 31, 39.

Today Sunday, April 16, the planet of love, Venus, your ruler, enters directly into the sign of Pisces, do not miss the explanatory note! When love comes to your life, if you do not recognize it, you will have missed a great opportunity, Libra. This Saturday opens new channels of communication and introspection that help you understand many intimate things. To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already half dead. So love with all your heart. If one day ends, do not lament, rather thank life, for it is better to die, having loved, than to die without having experienced it.

Libra Love, Wealth, Health, Family and Money Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017

LOVE = happiness, new expectations, complicity, friendship, falling in love, satisfaction, vulnerability, Do not offend the susceptibility of your partner. Be more careful with your words. The Moon is still in transit through the Sagittarius sign. Today the retrograde movement of your ruler, the planet Venus, ends. The planets Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn continue retrograde, the other planets are direct. After the storm comes the calm and you will see how everything you feared will flow smoothly helping you to recover what you thought you were not going to have again. Love smiles at you, librano!

You will face his day with energy and encouragement, for everything. If you do not let yourself be impressed by what is happening to you, you will recover your habitual stability and there will be no negative repercussions on your health. Enjoy the night to rest at home.

Today will be one of those days, that one is happy even at work. You will feel satisfied by your professionalism and by completing your goals. You will wear a smile from ear to ear. Great! If you are apprehensive and think that you can lose your job leave behind those negative ideas. When you finish this astral position with Jupiter, retrograde, in your sign, your work landscape will clear up and many problems will be solved.

Money and Luck
The circumstances are very favorable to achieve success especially in the field of work and material ….. gathers the fruits that makes so much waits. The money you are saving to make an important and necessary purchase could disappear amidst food, drinks, gifts and parties. Do everything, but with prudence and wisdom. Do not throw the house out the window! Act with the Libran balance that is typical of your sign.

Organize your budget. Clutter and unnecessary expenses should be forgotten.

Avoid demanding in your mental activity, since you can put it on the verge of intellectual exhaustion.

If there is something that you did not like about a friend, you’d better talk to him to leave the doubt or the grudge. Negative energy is useless.

Today you will want to be alone and look for the most appropriate excuse, not to go home.

Libra Tomorrow Horoscope Monday April 17, 2017

You will not always be right in everything you want, nor in what you propose, it is very possible that you are thinking of making a trip with the excuse that you need to find yourself, if this is a question then you should be choosing a destination That allows you to make this spiritual journey and not a place that only gives you beaches and fun.

Anyone who wants to have a fight with you today will be totally lost, you probably think that the people next to you look like someone very affable, you may be right, but also know that side that can explode without asking permission , You need to be careful with this many times, not always people will understand.

If you have muscle aches during the day try with a mint cream or camphorated alcohol, they will always have a good effect on your muscles.

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