Libra Horoscope Thursday May 19th 2022

This day you will feel spiritual, because Venus is the ruler of Gemini at the level of the Soul. Thus, the Sun in Gemini brings you harmonizing effects of this planet, considered by esoteric astrologers as the most highly evolved in the solar system. So Gemini changes, mutates, adjusts and relates everything that is necessary for the evolution of the Soul. So it is a good time to approach your spirituality and delve deeper into it.

Accept that you are a sensitive, caring, and compassionate person and have no reason to feel inferior or guilty. You should also protect yourself against negative influences. For now you are more susceptible than most others to deception, scandal, infection and poisoning. Do not worry is the effect generated by the position of the Moon trine Pluto.


Subconscious communication is possible and this can even extend to sexual encounters. Your desire for now is to experience things on a more extreme level and that can lead to exploration of the dark side of life and taboo areas. You can rely on a degree of psychic protection when pushing the limits. You just have to find the right person so as not to scare her with those strange desires. It is the energy of the Moon trine Pluto.

In order not to struggle with the bombardment of feelings that attack you today due to the aspect of the Moon square to Mercury, it is better that you take care of tidying the house and dedicate yourself very calmly to taking care of the family. While you wait for this aspect to pass, get busy organizing drawers, debugging your closet, or throwing away papers that no longer serve you.


The passage of Jupiter in your house 5 the house of pleasures makes you larger than life. With this aspect you are sure that whatever you do will bring you great fortune and love is no exception. With your generous nature you will want to share your success with the person you love.


Neptune in your 6th house and also in opposition to the Moon makes you confuse even the slightest pain in the body, reality will be distorted before your eyes, so you must be calm, meditating will help you calm your mind and verify if you really suffer of some illness. Do not carry everything that happens around you, let the universe take care of putting things in their place, it already thinks a little about you.


The aspect that Neptune has in your 6th house will be causing confusion at work, you should take things more calmly and verify the instructions assigned to you, because you may be misunderstanding things and causing serious problems. Relaxing and not taking life so seriously could help things flow more normally.

Money and Luck The passage of Scorpio in your house 2 makes you the most cautious person when it comes to spending money, you will only be spending on what is really important. Living together and having a good meal with the people you love is a good reason to spend that money.