Libra Horoscope Today 11th May 2022

You will have intense dreams that will scare you tonight. You might even wake up scared. But they are only dreams. They are not prophetic and do not reflect reality in any way. However, they can make you pay attention to some symbols in your life that you may not be facing.

Do you feel disconnected from life in any way? Maybe it’s time to make some changes. Forget dreams and focus on reality. Today, as soon as you enter a room, your energy will light it up. Feel free to tap into this incredible magnetism by encouraging others to join you in creative pursuits or daring adventures. However, be careful that your head doesn’t get so big that it ends up breaking your neck. Be proud without becoming too selfish. Otherwise, you will end up losing your followers before you even started.


These are the chances that you will want to give yourself that will be the best you will hear about. It is in the most total silence that you will be able to put yourself in contact with your deep energies. This Wednesday, May 11th, you will overcome all the resistance that can stand in your way, today arguments come easily! Your quick-wittedness and your diplomacy are your best allies to get out of it with ease.


Your heart is longing for a romantic encounter for tonight and the man of your life is more than available. However, circumstances beyond your control may interfere with your plans and you may not be able to make contact tonight.

This can result in frustration, dissatisfaction, and even a bit of friction between the two of you. But don’t despair. It will probably happen tomorrow.

These are the stars that mingle with your loves throughout this day. Love and passion come together to bring you the emotional comfort you are looking for. The slightest opportunity is good to make your desires come true. As a couple: If small clashes interfered in your life as a couple in recent days, it is on the pillow that the reconciliation will be done.

You will take pleasure in doing it, you love to make peace this way, your partner too. Single: Love goes on its way. You manage to get out of a complicated love situation. Today, you thumb your nose at your old stories, new sensations carry you. Apparently you like it! The astral weather is favorable.


A day full of spirits awaits you, so give yourself the tastes you want. Your imagination will transport you to a whole new world where the main character is you. Enjoy your fantasies. Remember that dreams can come true, so think big. Your enthusiasm is overflowing, make the most of it before it is dissipated by someone who is tuning your strings.

Extraordinary projects and inordinate challenges are yours. Do not take unnecessary risks if you want to take full advantage of the astral potential that marks your path. Your relationship grows under his generous tutelage and your morale levels off.


In the social field, this will be a very busy day for you. You are likely to meet a lot of people. Some of them may eventually become your friends or valuable career contacts.

You will have a lot of interesting information to share with them and vice versa, so this can be an interesting and stimulating day. Some of the ideas gathered while having fun can become valuable projects for the future. Write them down!

Intense creativity should greatly contribute to your social expansion. Your ideas are brilliant, your inspiration should lead you to achievements worthy of your reputation and sufficiently inventive to improve your brand image.


Even if it’s against your style, get ready for a pitched battle. In fact, the “setbacks” will haunt you today. Don’t be surprised if you go to the ice cream parlor for vanilla ice cream and all they have is chocolate. Remember that situations out of your control are not worth getting upset about.

There’s no point in putting off until tomorrow what you can comfortably do today when it comes to money management. Especially since the stars of the day will give you a boost so that you can restore your budget balance.

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