Libra Horoscope Today Wednesday 29th December 2021

Everything would come in luck, possibly you would have to be much more constant in what you want to achieve that goal, however, consider yourself lucky, you would have to do what it takes to let everything become much more relaxed for you than you thought. The full moon would be enough for everything to settle properly.

You could stop getting involved in bad energies, possibly being close to people who keep you curiously on the lookout, it would make you feel that it is a sign of leaving in another direction. Lest you get hooked, you would let life surprise you the best it could. With the sextile between Mercury and Neptune, you could certainly feel full.


You would have great opportunities, it is a good time for you to do things extraordinarily, that is why it is better than ever to keep yourself in a position full of prosperity. With the transit from Gemini to Cancer, you would stay on the right track. This Tuesday the Moon moves to the intuitive sign of Cancer while the vibration is nine, the end of cycles.

You could focus on improving your diet. Your energy levels have been somewhat low. You may find that you may not have as much stamina and thrust as you would like. It would not be bad to invest in some new vitamin complex. Or you could buy herbs with healing properties. Your body may need cleansing. Ask an herbal expert what you should take.libra daily horoscope for today friday december 29th, 2021

You would let the power of love protect your energy, to have much more security to make life smile at you properly. That is why the full Moon would be your ally, it would keep you in the best way to make you see everything in your favor.

The energy of the day will be happy and fun: you can release some tensions and relax a little. At night, you will want to go out with friends to share laughter. Or maybe your partner prefers to go out to dinner or go to a concert. Do something different with your night so you can tell the difference between work time and playtime.

You’d program yourself to get through any adversity that potentially made you feel like nothing would make better sense to you than it does now. For this reason, regardless of what is around you, it is a good time for things to improve, without a doubt, you have the best of you at your disposal to do so.

Today you will have ups and downs. You’ll get at least one “good news, bad news” phone call, and this will keep your mood swinging like a pendulum. Try to stay centered. Take the good news as encouragement, and consider the bad news objectively, looking for a way to take advantage of it. There is always a way. Do not give up!

Money and Luck
You would learn a couple of strategies that would undoubtedly be more useful than you thought. That is why you would stop having so many bad energies near you in terms of your economic improvement. You would try to have a better organization of your money and this would reflect that you are about to change completely for your benefit.

Talking with someone who shares your mindset on certain topics can rekindle your interest. You may find yourself exchanging ideas about UFOs and life on other planets. Suddenly you see yourself in life as the character in a science fiction novel. Exchange books and other materials with those who share your interests. You will see that you are not the only one who thinks that there is a conspiracy against him.

You would focus so that, from this moment on, everything would be much better for you than your job was before. Let life surprise you and fill you with good spells, otherwise, you would think that life does not have an improvement for you, at least in the work aspect. With the full Moon, it would be enough to make everything nobler towards you in that regard.

Conflicts will arise between your domestic responsibilities and professional obligations, especially with your associates. All of this may cause you problems. The problem is not insurmountable but it does require frank and open communication between all interested parties. It will be difficult for you to have to choose and you may think that for now, it is very difficult to balance both obligations. Do the best you can. Things will normalize tomorrow.