Libra Horoscope in Urdu Thursday 22nd February 2018

Libra Horoscope in Urdu Thursday 22nd February 2018

Love will be on the agenda of the day – comforting, warming, intoxicating! You are all moved and ready to melt in the arms of the chosen being or who has chosen you.

Attention, no follies! Single, you are not likely to suffer from loneliness. Several promising adventures are looming on the horizon. But if you immediately find the rare pearl, do not hesitate to devote yourself exclusively to this attractive person.

Take the bull by the horns and deal with material problems that are starting to take on worrying proportions. Otherwise, you may have very bad surprises.

Astral influences will make you particularly stable, cautious and reasonable.

This will allow you to easily fulfill your obligations and responsibilities, with a clear awareness of your physical and mental limitations and possibilities.

At work, difficult day, even trying. You will have to fight or even quarrel to achieve your goals because you will face strong opposition from your associates or those you depend on.

Be careful in your home. The astral atmosphere will no doubt incline you to drop sharp words, which could provoke perfectly useless conflicts.libra daily horoscope in urdu 22 february 2018

Social life
During this day you may be led to maintain some destructive thoughts likely to remove some people from you.

Your domineering nature will be revealed, and your feelings will be relegated to the background. You are very likely to break the affection that was brought to you. Do you really want that?

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