Libra Horoscope Wednesday 18th May 2022

The current planetary configuration announces a period of expansion for you. The past few weeks have held back your centaur bow a lot, and now it’s going to be a matter of not just letting go completely, but aiming straight. You have the means not to be mistaken. So go ahead. It’s yours !

Do not save today, neither emotionally nor financially! Everything you spend will come back to you in different forms. Feel free to have fun just for yourself. This day pushes you to a greater freedom with regard to any constraint. Break your chains and explore new universes both inside you and in the outside world. Seize every opportunity for adventure that presents itself.



On the side of your love life, it seems that all is not going well. If you are involved in a story that is beginning, you may be waiting for your new love to overflow with marks of affection and to make you the most intimate confidences! Suppose this person expects the same from you before revealing a little more. The situation is likely to be blocked for a long time. So put in yours!


You will be particularly praised and boasted today! This is normal, you will reap the fruits of your considerable work in the previous weeks. Be careful, all the same, not to overwhelm everyone around you with your superb. Keep it simple and modest and accept all compliments as the most natural thing. Finally, go back to your records because they are your true source of satisfaction.

Money and Luck

You may be tired of running everything and taking responsibility for others. Why not let them take initiatives today? There are many of them running for your place and seeing them fidgeting to win the pompom could amuse you! Remain neutral, try not to influence them and let them realize on their own how difficult your role as leader is. Scalded cat is afraid of cold water and you can rest easy for a long time afterwards!

Health Today you should pay particular attention to the words you use. The energies of the day make you a bit brittle in your tone. Maybe your friends won’t pay much attention to it, but your boss will! Your customers could also react very badly. So carefully measure the reach of your words if you don’t want to find yourself in a bad position.