Libra Love Horoscope Today 20th December 2018

Libra Love Horoscope Today 20th December 2018

Nice day to reaffirm your feminine or maternal tendencies! You are won over by a warm handshake, a sweet voice that takes you further than usual. Your receptivity is affirmed by the expression of your awakening senses!

As a couple: The climate of the day inspires you with ideal emotions for your love life! You will have the taste to please your half, the desire to protect him, the energy to love him. Express yourself with your body rather than words!libra love horoscope today 20th december 2018

Single: A childhood smell perfumes this day with sweet flavors: let yourself be embarked on pleasant memories. Your inner search for security increases as well as a need to build a solid story. Do you trust, you are on the right path!

The couple life will be nice. Your spouse or partner will be tender and attentive, but above all, solid and present when you need him. All of you who have recently experienced a tense couple will see things get better this day. Single, you will have a rather complicated love life, and your unstable and wandering mood will make you more interested in ephemeral adventure, strange encounters and no tomorrow. You will also have great pleasure in shocking well-meaning souls.

A great momentum of energy will animate you today, everything will take shape and become constructive. But all this only if you do not see it too big or too expensive. “Eat according to the height of your shopping bag, walk according to the width of your step”.

Pluto will invite you to stir more. Your body needs to work hard, and your energy is well channeled. Do not hesitate: start practicing a sport or a hobby that will allow you to let off steam healthy.

By Mary Emma

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