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A family member or close friend hopes to put a business with your help and solicit your advice, advice, and experience in a complicated job. Extend your hand and cooperate with them, but take care of your time and interests.

Today you may decide to make a change in yourself. It has always interested you to change, but this last time you have been a little boring. Maybe it’s time to change your physical appearance. You could dye your hair or tan your skin. Or maybe buy some elegant European costumes to see you much better. You will like to surprise people by presenting your new image.

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It is important then to give a little recognition to Libra’s work in the lives of others since their influence is quite large in the lives they touch because they will always be able to deliver good energies and much learning to others.

Libra has the colors of Venus, the blue and green will be those who govern his life. On the one hand, the blue will be a color that gives Libra that peace and that calm that always needs so much, and that although it is a fairly balanced being and always seeks to be well in the totality of its world, also has a Clear tendency to get out of their boxes very quickly, often without measuring the consequences of their actions, even coming to pass to take others without really wanting.

Blue makes a lot of sense in the life of Libra since it gives him not only the calm he seeks but also the energy and hope of a much better world, something that Libra will seek tirelessly until he reaches the peak of his desires and Internal work he’s always been doing since he set foot on the ground.

The blue and the green mixed, give a color very close to the ocean, a place where Libra feels very comfortable, although it is not a water sign if it is related of very good form with the movement of the waves since It delights to be carried away by the current and that things follow their natural course as predestined.

Green gives Libra the possibility of being closer to its center, on the one hand, is one of the colors of life, being predominant in nature, and is also the color of hope and good energy so That Libra could feel that the world ceases to be that dark place that often succeeds in glimpsing and of which one does not really want to be part.

Libra is a good friend, is a good confidant, and above all is a very good professional, so these shades, corresponding to basic colors, are directly related to what the scales are inside. Children of the seventh house, always have to be constantly improving and they know very well that they do not know everything, it is something that they have trouble learning, but once they do, the world seems to be a better place and no chance of mistakes.

Green color. Green (always related to nature and its cycles, with its renewal and continuity) is the color that best sits the Libra natives and the color that best suits them to attract fortune and balance. Use it on your clothes and walls in all your belongings, and try to give your home the green touch of living plants.

Bronze. The noble metal that plays the bells and supports the high temperatures reflects, in some way, the greatest virtues of the Libra sign: the capacity to generate harmony around it and its strength in the face of changes and resistance. Take with you a medal or pendant made of this metal, and the negativity that overwhelms you will be neutralized.

Jade. This sumptuous rock of soft luster is the best jewel a Libra can afford to improve her fortune and balance. It is a rock that has always been given special powers, by that flash of his that is like a green fire, a living light. Many cultures give healing properties, and that is precisely the effect it has on a native of the Libra sign. Your contact makes all penury easier and helps you find the answers you need if you place them under your pillow at night.

Cyclamen. For the natives of the Libra sign, the flower that best reflects their pursuits and needs is the Greek Cyclamen, whose fleshy circular petal is a metaphor for how the world sees a Libran: as a circle that needs to be closed, full of cycles Which are met to start over. Love, joy, hope, success: those are the circles that matter to a Libra, and that will improve if you put a pot in your house with this beautiful flower of shade.

How to make a domestic amulet for Libra?
Sandalwood, with its healing tradition, is the best herb to make a homemade and aromatic amulet for a Libra. In a green sack, place the leaves and add a touch of peppermint. Wear it with a white ribbon and conserve it or leave it outdoors during a full moon night. It will be a healing and protective amulet that you must take with you everywhere.

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