Libra Monday 2 January 2017 You are receptive, you understand everything better

If you are worried about a recent move on your job or promoting a new responsibility in your company, do not let those concerns cause you stress or tension.

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Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday ...
Libra Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

You have the ability to face the challenges, follow your sixth sense and rely on your previous knowledge and experience. Your intuition, if you follow it and act according to your loving heart, will allow you to achieve what you so long for and enjoy a happy couple life. This Monday there is a wave of super optimism around you.

The Moon is entering the sign of Pisces. The only retrograde planet is Mercury in transit through Capricorn. You can always decline an invitation that does not interest you, no need to hurt anyone sentimentally. Fortunately you as Libra know the art of good communication and diplomacy which will help you overcome and solve difficulties in your personal relationships while Mercury transits retrograde until the 8th.

For much work or occupations you have, separate even if it is about forty minutes for your exercises, sweat, walk with energy, lift some weights if you can and move your body. Your Scorpio sign demands a lot of activity in this planetary cycle to preserve health.

Your decisions associated with the labor sector are wise and prudent, Libra. You will be able to solve many of your outstanding problems on this day and you will feel happy and satisfied with the achievements you get. You understand the value of the organization.

Money and fortune
Your business is going well, but to get you even better you need to separate the boundaries well and do not get involved romantically with your partners in economic affairs. If you mix love with money you would lose in that situation.