Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2017

Horoscope Libra April 2017 and its predictions

This month of April Libra the most important will be love and social life. It begins a very important stage for your effective life and love. Lucky Numbers: 1-11-19-21

monthly libra horoscope

Libra love April 2017

Love will be passionate, daring and you will be very seductive and daring. Your sexual magnetism will be enormous. It begins for you a stage in which, love is the most important of your life. If you are single you will be in love, but you will think more things. You will seek sexual attraction and seek the intellectual connection as well. Do not rush. Live the love in depth without compromterte.Si you are in pair, you will begin to see the relation as it is really. You can analyze it and give it the importance and the treatment it deserves. It will reestablish sexual complicity even more pronounced, if possible.

Libra work April 2017

At work you will continue as before, unchanged. Everything is within normal and this will bring you peace of mind, because you will have to follow the routine nothing more.

Pound money April 2017

Of money you will be well, especially the 2 nd fortnight, but you will have to work to obtain it. They will not come to you from anything other than your work.

Libra Home and Family April 2017

At home well. There will be no changes this month. Everything is still calm and in order. Anyway, you will not be almost never at home, especially if you are single. Between social life and new loves … You will be very entertained.

Libra Health April 2017

The health will be good and you will feel strong, especially the 2 nd fortnight. During the first 15 days, you will need to rest well. Your image will be your obsession and you will want to get the best of you. You will devote yourself to thinking about the image you want to give to others and you will make some changes.

Libra social life and friends April 2017

Libra you will have a lot of social life and you will go out to all kinds of events. People will not stop calling you and inviting you, so you will not miss meeting new people. That is fantastic for you, because if you are single you can choose from a lot of unknown people until now and seduce them all.

Libra studies April 2017

If you are a student you will have to work hard this month. You will not be at all focused. It will cost you a lot to sit down to study. You will have your head elsewhere, love, and it will cost you a great effort to study. If you are an adult, this is not a good time to study anything.

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