Libra Monthly Horoscope February 2017

Libra Horoscope February 2017 and its predictions

This month of February the most important thing for Libra will be the topic of friendships, work and breakdowns at home. The 2 eclipses will affect you little. Lucky numbers: 5-14-25.

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Libra love February 2017

In love everything will remain calm, unchanged and without stridencies. If you are in a couple, everyday life and harmony will prevail. If you are single, you will still be single, but you will not stop going out and have fun. Anyway it will be a quiet month.

Libra work February 2017

At work there will be unexpected changes, which will surprise you.

They could change you job, boss, responsibilities. Then watch out for your boss, because you could have an argument with him where you could go hand in hand. Think things through before you leave and not make irreconcilable mistakes. Try to make as little commitment as possible on the 11th. On the 26th you could be fired.

Pound money February 2017

You’ll be fine with money. You do not have to worry about it, since you have a good control of your expenses and you will not exceed. You will get off the sale, but you know very well how far you can go with your expenses.

Libra home and family February 2017

Watch out for your house! Everything is going to spoil or break. The electronic devices will stop working, the clocks will be delayed or they will advance, you could enter a virus in the PC … That will happen on the 11th with the lunar eclipse. That day try to do the least risky possible and your family too.

Libra health February 2017

Health will be regular. You need to start looking after yourself seriously. First your food. You need to cleanse your body, so a detoxifying diet would be ideal. Then do daily exercise and change your lifestyle. You better start now, if you do not want to have more serious problems.
Libra social life and friendships

Libra will have to focus on the theme of friends this month. The lunar eclipse will cause differences, arguments, controversies and you will have to contain, if you do not want to seriously discuss with a friend. On the other hand, a friend could suffer an accident and that will worry you a lot.

Libra studies February 2017

Students will have a normal month. Following your study routine, without forgetting the sport, you will achieve a favorable study habit.