Libra Monthly Horoscope for April 2021

This April for Libra will be fun and romantic. The most important thing will be love, social life, fun, and money. The lucky numbers for April: 1-2-6-7-14-15-16-17-25-26.

It will not be a bad month, but more irregular than the previous one. This unstable character is evident from the middle of the month onwards. You see trips forced by some positive family circumstances to places very far from your residence.

The moon is on the 23rd, it is not recommended to make investments or try your luck in the period. Between days 19 and 25 there is the possibility of strange dreams or nightmares, although calm down because they are not premonitory. They have forced trips for work, fun, or grief.libra april 2021 monthly horoscope

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Libra 2022 Full Yearly Horoscope

If you are in a relationship or married, your love relationship will be luxurious. It will become the most important thing in your life right now. Love, romanticism, everything will seem beautiful to you to live to the fullest. Your libido will be through the roof, so the relationship will be incandescent. You will also go out to have fun with your partner. If you do not have a partner, this month you could have several sporadic relationships and thousands of fools. It is part of your way of being.

In the couple’s relationship at home, there are no serious problems, except for a certain temporary instability due to increased sensitivity and nervousness, which can lead to some somewhat risque discussions. Everything can be easy to solve with a little patience and minus it because if you do not do it like that and you want to mark all the points in-depth, the situation can grow to dangerous heights. On the contrary, if you do not have a partner, the month predisposes you to have a lot of hook for frivolous adventures and romances, of pure physical attraction. If it compensates you, then great, since the chances of it going to a more serious phase are almost non-existent.

social life1
Your social life will be a success and the most important thing of the month. You will be the queen of the party wherever you go. Your sympathy and your sense of humor will make everyone laugh. You will have a good time. Regardless of the restrictions, you have regarding mobility and the Pandemic, you will know how to have fun and see your friends, even if it is two by two.

In April the work will improve. It will improve little by little as the month progresses, to reach the end of the month with Mars in this house, Mars pushes you and makes you more active, Mars activates the businesses or projects that you have in hand and everything will go well for you. what do you do?

It will not be a productive period to find a job or change companies. If you already have a stable job, there is no news, except if another person joins the department, as they might want to compete with you.

Money and Luck
With money, you will have to be careful. Buy what you have to buy and that are most necessary, because at the end of the month Pluto goes retrograde for months and this will make the money enter with less fluidity. So, just in case, you should be more thrifty, so you don’t find yourself in a pinch.

Whether you do retail sales or if you are manufacturers, you are going to find yourself temporarily, as it will only last until the first ten of the following month, with which the products called classics, those that are the ones that are sold the most will suffer a halt in sales, while the newest, those with a higher sale price, will be the ones with the best outlet. Once the period is over, the waters return to their ordinary course. If you are in the leisure, vacation, or travel sector, you are seen making trips related to the activity.

Family and Friends
Your family relationship will be good. At home, you breathe harmony and well-being. Your family is delighted and each one fulfills their responsibilities. What more can you ask?

Health will be weak. You will have to take care of yourself for most of the month. Rest as much as you can and do not commit physical excesses, because you are not in shape and you could make things worse and hurt or injure yourself. From the last week of the month, you will feel much better and your energies go up. You will have more desire and strength to exercise or sport. If you have overweight problems, it is the ideal time to go on a slimming diet. You will lose weight more easily.

On a physical level, there are no problems. However, there is a tendency to sadness or slight depression, since you will see everything black. Negative dreams can even appear that you can take as premonitory without being it.

Study and exchange
If you are a student you will feel very motivated and focused. Although the restrictions regarding the Pandemic are being lifted, you will continue studying because you want to get very good grades.