Libra Monthly Horoscope for April 2022

Libra Monthly Horoscope for April 2022

The first half of the month is to talk with your partner about an issue that is beginning to gain importance and must be resolved together. This can refer to an issue with your romantic partner and your work partner, that is, your partner or anyone with whom you are working hand in hand to build something. Use the first two weeks of April to speak your mind, listen to your counterpart, and make joint decisions.

As we saw in the horoscopes for April 2022, between the 4th and the 10th, you can be introspective and want privacy to dedicate yourself to your home, your family, and the plans you have for yourselves. It’s the time of year when you want to be home, rest, and stay close to the people you love.libra monthly horoscope for april 2022

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On April 11, we have a very positive new moon to start any project you are building together with someone, whether personal or professional. The energy of this moon opens the way for you to take steps forward, make an announcement, start a relationship, or achieve something that you have been pursuing for a long time with your partner or partner. The same thing, it’s a really good time to meet someone new.

The temperature begins to rise after April 14. The second half of the month looks to be full of intense, passionate, and deep emotions that lead you to demand an all or nothing within any personal relationship.

From April 19 until the end of the month, your sixth sense will allow you to anticipate any situation that may come unexpectedly, your internal alerts will warn you if there is something shady or dishonest happening in your world so that you can easily detect it, but for that, you must trust your intuition.

It is also a period that will lead you to explore your buried feelings so that you can analyze them and understand yourself better from your own shadow. If you need it, it is the best time of the year to start therapy or any process of spiritual accompaniment.

That same week, it is to see with great objectivity what happens in your social environment, what is said on social networks, and the opinions you surround yourself with. The problems that appear with your group of friends or work team can be solved if you decide to act and take the leadership of any decision that must be made.

As of April 23, you will be filled with ambition and the desire to grow and advance in your professional or career project. You will want to claim the stage you chose to be admired or recognized. So take advantage of the fiery energy with which you close the month to launch yourself without fear to pursue a new goal.

The full moon of April occurs on the 26th, and it is thanks to its energy you close the month prepared to finish a project or contract that until now had represented financial security for you. But by now, you’re ready to go for something much bigger and more exciting. So the end of the month helps you release a job, project, or workplace that has already given you what it should have given you.

The month ends with the beginning of Pluto’s retrograde cycle; you are invited to review what stories, patterns, and inheritances you carry with you, thanks to what you experienced in your childhood. It is the time of the year in which your relationship with your mother, and your female lineage, throws up a pending issue to heal or work on to continue building a healthier and happier concept regarding a family and a home.

This month of April for Libra will be a happy and prosperous month. The most important thing will be love, social life, health, and work. Lucky numbers for April: 4-5-6-15-16-17-23-24.

In love, you will do very well. It will be the most important thing for you. If you are in a couple, you will be super happy. You will be more demonstrative in every way. You will be aware of your partner and help her. You will be more affectionate and attentive. For you, love has ceased to be frivolous, becoming something spiritual and profound. If you are alone, you will have the possibility of starting a new relationship with someone from work or related to your profession. You are going to fall in love!

Social life will be very important this month. You will relate more than ever, and you will benefit. This month you will not have the power to change everything, so you will need the help of others to do so. With your people skills, empathy, and cooperation with others, you can get what you want from your friends and your social relationships.

The work will go very well for you. Your work is good, and you will continue as in the previous months. It is not an issue that you have to worry about. If you don’t have a job, you could find it this month. Move around and ask your friends for help; they will surely help you and recommend you.

Economically you will remain the same. You will have an unstable month with unforeseen expenses. Don’t spend money on whims. Your partner will not do very well. Cut with excessive expenses.

Health will be regular. You will have good times, but you will have to take care of yourself seriously, at least until the 3rd week of the month. Only at the end will you start to feel stronger. Rest, the necessary hours of sleep will be essential. Activates the circulation of the legs. Go for a walk an hour a day, and you will see how it is activated, and they hurt less. Drive carefully and avoid accidents, especially 6 days before the solar eclipse on the 30th and 6 days after.

Your home and your family will be well and very calm. Stay calm at home. Do playful activities with your children and your family. It is a month in which you will feel the influence of the eclipse a lot, and you also need to rest for your health. At home is where you will be better. You will feel protected and happy.

In April your studies will go very well. It will not cost you anything to concentrate, and you will organize yourself very well. You will get very good grades.