Libra Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Libra Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Libra love August 2020
Unfortunately, the path of Mars in opposition continues and a certain dose of irritability within you is amplified and could ruin those love relationships that were based, until some time ago, on a very strong sharing.

We must try to avoid important disputes and not discuss with the couple about trivial, superficial, light things because the climate that risks arising could lead to a separation or at least to an extremely tense moment, I am nervous because some hasty decisions They can be particularly disastrous.libra august monthly horoscope 2020

If we look at the rest of the sky, then we see a square Venus from August 8, and things can get even worse in the love relationship. Lonely hearts are not capable of being serene and capable of courting someone during this warm summer month. even short erotic adventures are on the horizon. In short, a phase of disappointment and melancholy.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on 03/08, will take place in the V House of Libra, translating after a romance a new status in a relationship that begins (with greater formality); or a deep conversation with the descendants (children), about their interests and future goals.

For singles of the sign, the entry of Venus in the X House (07/08) can be an attraction to someone older, or who holds a leadership position in their field of work (avoids romantic relationships due to selfish interests).

On the other hand, the beginning of the retrograde of Uranus in the VIII House of Libra (08/15), will generate strong tensions in couple relationships, and even discussions for economic reasons, or the management of shared heritage.

Keep in mind that Uranus retrograde in House VIII also talks about the fall of the structures (or walls) erected to keep people at a distance, and not having to fully surrender your trust.

In this sense, the transit of the planet of change requires looking inward, finding the true reasons that motivate security, seeking therapeutic help to overcome the situation (if necessary), and embracing the strength of your vulnerability.

Other astrological aspects to consider during this time of year are the squares that Mars will hold in House VII of the balance, with Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (24/08) retrograde in House IV of the sign.

These configurations can turn the home into a battlefield, if the members of the couple or family do not warn themselves to find a middle ground, and reconcile their arguments, instead of trying to impose their points of view.

Recall that Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter meet apparent setbacks in the IV House of Libra, so there are emotional wounds, self-imposed restrictions, and limiting beliefs, which affect the evolution of the native and his conception of home and family group.

Libra work and money in August 2020
The beginning of the month in terms of work is not very good, but from August 6 to August 20, with Mercury in León, therefore in sextile with your native Sun, you can easily interact, you are able of getting little successes, receiving good news and also increasing profits, not so consistent, however.

As for those looking for a new professional job, it must be said that August is favorable for scheduling conversations and collaborating with someone, but it is about preparing a still immature ground.

Even Jupiter in square does not help and this astrological sky advises not to abandon old professional paths to start new paths that are not positive at the moment. If you have a good job but it’s not that rewarding, you just have to grit your teeth and move on without asking too much of yourself and others.

Finances will remain stable for the sons and daughters of Libra, in August 2020. However, the beginning of the retrograde of Uranus in the House VIII of the sign may involve family conflicts, or with associates, due to the management of common finances, or expansion plans.

In the workplace, remember that Neptune continues to retrograde in House VI of the balance, a transit that can be used to assess current working conditions; but not to implement changes, move to other departments, or dependencies.

On the other hand, the entrance of Venus in the X House of Libra (07/08) favors the interaction with people in a position of power or leadership, and the encounter with a mentor/protector of a comprehensive nature, which will offer a new perspective around to professional goals.

Keep in mind that, from August 04 to 19, Mercury will be visiting the XI House of the sign, constituting an excellent period to expand your network of contacts (personal and professional), and venture into new social groups, with common interests and goals.

Mercury in House XI also encourages debate about the native’s dreams/aspirations, with individuals of his utmost confidence, who can show support, and novel ideas.

The fact that the New Moon in Leo on 08/18 occurs in the XI House of Libra, translates into the opportunity to structure your dreams and cultivate new relationships with colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.

Another astrological aspect to consider during this time of year is the trigons that Mars will star in House VII of the balance, with the Sun (08/16), and Mercury (08/17), in House XI of the sign.

Both alignments promote the dissemination and creation of collective projects, workgroups, and societies whose purpose is to contribute something positive to the community, and not just enrichment.

Finally, when Mercury moves to the XII House of Libra (08/19), it will hold an opposition with retrograde Neptune (08/30), a configuration that invites us to understand the current context of the work environment, without the prejudices of old experiences.

Note: don’t forget that the North Node remains in the IX House of your sign, which aims to break the limits of the comfort zone, and cultivate knowledge, academically or self-taught.

Libra Luck August 2020
It is not easy to live this summer phase. Unfortunately, the lucky planet is not their ally and they must think of proceeding only in their strength. But if we talk about physical and creative forces, then the opposition of Mars is a problem.

Be very careful not to overdo it with food and alcohol and any other vice that can weaken the body and do not underestimate any discussion, fights with people who do not agree with you about some things. The physical form and also the mental form is a real problem, and Saturn tires even more.

In short, a period not easy to live, to endure, and in which you should not rush in the things you have to do because fate now seems to have forgotten you. Also traveling, whether for fun or work does not bring good results and that feeling of satisfaction that you would like to achieve. It takes a lot of calm and everything will change soon.

On August 19, Mercury will enter House XII of Libra, a transit that promotes the exploration of different spiritual currents; the spread of humanitarian causes; and discover hidden information, (by the unconscious or third parties).

In the same way, the fact that the Sun enters the same location (House XII), on 08/22, suggests a period of introspection, recollection, and mysticism.

The subject will draw valuable lessons from the past, which will help him face situations of the present, which he considered particularly oppressive, or frustrating.

Let us remember that Juno remains in the sign of the balance, for which there is a commitment to his integral well-being and the achievement of the native’s personal goals.

On the other hand, Neptune continues to retrograde in the VI House of Libra, pointing to a distorted vision of reality, and of the native’s own ability to manage (individually) a change in habits and behavior patterns.

At some point we all need help, and that does not make us defenseless; On the contrary, looking for the support (professional and family) that we need to improve our quality of life suggests a real concern.

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